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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Enriquez, ElaineConvicts and Convictions: The Society, Identity, and Morality of Incarcerated MenPager, Devah; Centeno, Miguel A.
2008Owens (Jr.), Carl D.The Craft of Opportunity: How College Links Former Prisoners with Opportunity-Rich Spaces, People, and PlacesPager, Devah
2009D'Amato, Alexander P.The Electoral Implications of Ex-Felon DisenfranchisementPager, Devah
-Sugie, NaomiFinding Work: A Smartphone Study of Job Searching, Social Contacts, and Wellbeing After PrisonPager, Devah
2006Rujikarn, SherryManaging the Sex Offender Next Door: A Time Series Analysis of the Efficacy of Megan's Law, Chemical Castration, and Restrictive Residency LegislationPager, Devah
2009Osseo-Asare, Aba A.Mind the Gap: Towards an Explanation of Racial Health DisparitiesPager, Devah
-Pedulla, David S.Non-Standard, Contingent, and Precarious Work in the "New Economy"Pager, Devah
2008Halprin, SarahNormalizing Crime in Communities of Concentrated Disadvantage: A Study of the Collective Effects of Mass Incarceration on Community Conditions and Stigma in Camden, New JerseyPager, Devah
-Schlossman, MichaelNot Quite Treatment, Not Quite Punishment: A Case Study of American Juvenile Justice in the Get-Tough Era (1987-2009)Pager, Devah
-Phelps, Michelle SuzanneThe Paradox of Probation: Understanding the Expansion of an "Alternative" to Incarceration during the Prison BoomPager, Devah
2011Katz, Hanna J.Policing Adolescence: Personal Empowerment Among Youth Who are Stopped by the Police for QuestioningPager, Devah
2010Scotton Jr., Danny E.Prison Bars and White Picket Fences: A Study Examining the Validity of Criminal Activity Disclosures on Undergraduate AdmissionsPager, Devah
-Jacobs, ErinPrisoner Reentry in Context: Labor Market Conditions, Neighborhoods, and the Employment and Recidivism Outcomes of Former PrisonersPager, Devah
2009Downs, Whitney D.A Quantitative Analysis of the Effectiveness and Social Costs of Broken Windows Policing in Bratton’s Los AngelesPager, Devah
2011Francis, AndreaThe Social Experience of Incarceration and How it Affects the Social Lives of Former Inmates upon their ReentryPager, Devah
-Brayne, SarahStratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big DataPager, Devah