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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1993Kahn, JenniferAnalysis of the South Pole Atmosphere and Sky at Four Far-Infrared FrequenciesPage, Lyman
2014Chung, DongwooCharacterization of a microwave SQUID multiplexerPage, Lyman
2000Wesley, DanielConstruction and Characterization of a Receiver for CMB InteferometryPage, Lyman
2003Bontas, CostinCosmological Parameter Determination from WMAP and MBAC Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background RadiationPage, Lyman
1993Tompkins, WilliamThe Design, Construction, and Testing of a Fourier Transform SpectrometerPage, Lyman
1996Robertson, Timothy L.Development of a 144 GHz Cryogenic Heterodyne Radiometer Based on SIS JunctionsPage, Lyman
2022Jensen, DavidDevelopment of Azimuthal Scanning for The Simons Observatory Test Small Aperture TelescopePage, Lyman
2001Dumont, CharlesDigital Correlation between Two Cryogenic SIS MixersPage, Lyman
2020Montefalcone, GabExploring Galaxy Clusters with the Atacama Cosmology TelescopePage, Lyman
2012Choi, JaewonFlat Sky CMB Polarization Simulation and Assessment of the Synchrotron Foreground Emission for the Atacama B-mode Search (ABS)Page, Lyman
2013Masters, ZoeFree-Free Emission and H\(\alpha\) Radiation: Investigating the Physical Scaling LawPage, Lyman
1996Monnelly, Glen PickslayAn Instrument for Investigation of the Angular Power Spectrum of Anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave BackgroundPage, Lyman
1994Bloser, Peter F.A Measurement of the Diffuse Celestial H-beta BackgroundPage, Lyman
2000Marriage, Tobias A.The MINT DigitizerPage, Lyman
1996Beach, James EdwardA Pointing System for the Q-MAP GondolaPage, Lyman
2011Lu, MichelleSpinning Dust as a Fourth Component in the Galactic ForegroundPage, Lyman
2003Kermish, Zigmund DavidSQUID Multiplexing for the Millimeter Bolometer Array CameraPage, Lyman
2010Holtz, DavidA Study of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Galaxy Clusters from the Atacama Cosmology TelescopePage, Lyman
2010Jones, AndrewSunyaev-Zel'dovich Galaxy Cluster Counting and Profile Extraction with Realistic Multi-Component SimulationsPage, Lyman
2007Lange, Stuart R.The Time Evolution of the Cosmic Microwave Background PhotospherePage, Lyman