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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1993Williams, Robert N.Brandy, the Jesuits and the Iroquois in New France, 1610-1690: The Dichotomy of Trade and ReligionMurrin, John M.
1993Cohen, Adam M.British Opposition to the Stamp Act and the Townshend Duties, 1764-1770: The Composition of the Resistance, Grounds for Protest and Impact on PolicyMurrin, John M.
1993Eaton, Elizabeth W."Christ Knows How Many Witnesses There Are": A Narrative History of the 1692 Salem Witchcraft TrialsMurrin, John M.
2003Griswold, Benjamin HuftyColonel Joseph Reed's Suggestion: The Origin of the American Maneuver to the Battle of Princeton, 1777Murrin, John M.
1994Woollen, MichelleThe Demands of Patriotism: Tests of Loyalty and American Prisoners of the Revolution, 1775-1783Murrin, John M.
2006Savage, JacobEven Old New York was once New Amsterdam: John Romeyn Brodhead's Mission to Europe and the Creation of New York's Historical IdentityMurrin, John M.
1997Pados, Kristin M.From Distinction to Extinction: The Mayhem Mission to the Indians of Martha's Vineyard, 1643-1806Murrin, John M.
1994Davenport, Stewart AllenIn the World and of the World: The Federalist Clergy's Spiritual and Political Opposition to the War of 1812Murrin, John M.
1997Dasch, Kevin M.Madisonian Republicans, Invisible or Indivisible Intraparty Conflict and the First Bank of the United StatesMurrin, John M.
2004Kim, Sun Jung MelissaNavigating the Maelstrom: The Polemics of Piracy in the Colonial Seaports of British North America, 1680-1730Murrin, John M.
1997Malloy, Kelly M.Pan-Indianism in Distress: The Failure of Ohio Indian Resistance in Lord Dunmore's WarMurrin, John M.
2003Humphries IV, James DonaldThe Partisan War in Revolutionary South Carolina, 1780-1782, and Its Effect on a Return to Civil SocietyMurrin, John M.
2004Nuger, Jonathan DavidRetreat From Radicalism: Massachusetts Politics in the 1780sMurrin, John M.
1993Lapidus, Roy I.Separation or Reconciliation: The Propaganda War over Independence in Early 1776Murrin, John M.
1994Crosby, David A.The Special Forces of the United States Army and the Insurgent War in Vietnam A Struggle for AcceptanceMurrin, John M.
2003Herrera, Alex FranciscoA Test of Wills: The Strategic Air Campaign Against North Vietnam, 1965-1968Murrin, John M.
2003Norris, Lindsay SaraTrouble in the New Zion: The Antinomian Controversy and The Pequot WarMurrin, John M.