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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Linfield, RachelA Bundle of Sadness: Medicalization of Postpartum DepressionMilam, Erika
2019Schultz, SamuelDO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC PROGRAMMERS?: Popular Imagination and the Rise of Corporate Artificial IntelligenceMilam, Erika
2019Klimkiewicz, AllieA Double-Edged Thermometer: Mass Media’s Depiction of Climate Change and Global Warming in the United States, 1988 to 2000Milam, Erika
2018O'Connell, AndrewEvolving the Internet: How Entrepreneurs and Innovators Commercialized the World Wide WebMilam, Erika
2018Jeong, ClareFishing for Justice: Maori Culture and Economic Rights in New ZealandMilam, Erika
2014Alexander, EmiThe History of Soap:The Slippery Reliance on Chemistry in the Birth of the Modern Soap Making IndustryMilam, Erika
2014Paltrow-Krulwich, AllenAn Introduction to the Diagraphic Format, with Application to the Library Arts & SciencesMilam, Erika
2013Blosser, CaitlinMaintaining the Status Quo: Racial Inequality In Film During the Civil Rights EraMilam, Erika
2021Emba, FaithPills and Cigarettes, Tailored for the Feminine Hand: Sociocultural Pathologies and Anxiety Consumerism in America, 1955-1975Milam, Erika
2018King, DeionReinventing Trust Without Authority Philosophies of Cryptography and DecentralizationMilam, Erika
2021Hadley, OliviaSaving Rassawek: Justice for the Monacan Indian Nation and Historical Memory in VirginiaMilam, Erika
2014Eckhardt, LauraThe Science and Culture of Dying: A History of Dr. Dame Cicely Saunders and the Modern Hospice Movement, 1960-1980Milam, Erika