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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1997Mitchell, Hallie A.Bound by Blood, Women, and Civil War: Intimate Relations on Southern Plantations, 1850-1865McPherson, James M.
2002Luse, Andrew PeterCaught in the Middle: Maryland in the Secession Crisis, 1860-1861McPherson, James M.
2002Williams, Lee CampbellHarvesting the Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. Thomas Atkinson, Bishop of North Carolina and the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of AmericaMcPherson, James M.
2004Brandon, Alexandra LeeThe Horses of the American Civil WarMcPherson, James M.
1997Kelley, Jason N.A House Divided? The Fragile Trusses of Peace on the Campus of the College of New Jersey, 1845-1861McPherson, James M.
1993Herrick, Charles H.The Influence of California on National Politics and the Compromise of 1850McPherson, James M.
2003Schneller, Jonathan P.It is Best to Let Him Run: The Intersection of Racial Politics and College Football in the American SouthMcPherson, James M.
2003Beaver, Jr., William S.The Keystone Candidate: James and the Evolution of Boss Rule in Pennsylvania 1877-1891McPherson, James M.
1993Killien, Sarah Y.Patriots or Renegades? Southern Loyalists and Northern Confederates During the Civil WarMcPherson, James M.
1993Nizza, DaphnePetticoats to Pantyhose: Margaret Mitchell, Scarlett O'Hara and the Changing Roles of Southern WomenMcPherson, James M.
1994Young, CandlerThe Politics of Economic Self-Interest: The Whigs and Democrats of Sampson and Chatham Counties, North Carolina, 1834-1860McPherson, James M.
1997Roberts, Douglas W.The Power of Music in the American Experience: Songs for a Civil WarMcPherson, James M.
1994Crotty, MargaretPromise for Fuller Democracy: The NAACP and the Demise of De Jure Residential SegregationMcPherson, James M.
2004Matsui, John HajimeThe Radical Moment: The Abolitionist Harvest of 1862McPherson, James M.
1993Thompson, Cecil A.Railroads and Sectionalism During Reconstruction in Texas: Postwar Efforts to Divide the StateMcPherson, James M.
2002Brown, Benjamin BruceRebel Ingenuity: Confederate Counter-Strategy to the Union Conquest of the Mississippi RiverMcPherson, James M.
1994Ritchie, Thomas"Severing the Solid South" A Comparison of the Rise and Fall of Anti-Democratic Political Movements in Virginia and Tennessee Following ReconstructionMcPherson, James M.
1994Kahn, David BrenerSouth Africa and the American Civil WarMcPherson, James M.
2003Choi, Clara JeneSpecialized Warfare During the American Civil War: The Utilization of Sharpshooter Regiments in the Army of the PotomacMcPherson, James M.
1993Neiswender, John R.Strategic Naval Decisions Off Texas in the United States Civil WarMcPherson, James M.