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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2023Larrieu, AndresAffordable housing as a right and as a commodity: Lessons from the history and development of Mexico’s INFONAVITMassey, Douglas
2007McCormick, MeghanAll in the Family: Incorporating Family Support Networks into Coordinated Community Responses to Youth ViolenceMassey, Douglas
2007Boyce, LauraAll Schools Created Equal? How Institutional Characteristics Affect Student Retention at Selective Colleges and UniversitiesMassey, Douglas
2015Pankowski, AlisonAssessing the Effects of Court-­‐Ordered Jail Population Caps: A Study of California’s Public Safety Realignment ActMassey, Douglas
2013Du, CharlesBeliefs About Meritocracy Among Undergraduate Students at Two UniversitiesMassey, Douglas
2015Hu, DianeBroadening Diversity on the Bench: Voting Behavior and Panel Effects on the United States Courts of AppealsMassey, Douglas
2006Cooper, Rishard Pelaiah ObiomaA Case for Further Bahamian Integration into the CaribbeanMassey, Douglas
2023Jain, EshaA Case Study of Mumbai: Preparing the City for Incoming Migration and Climate ChangeMassey, Douglas
2018Perales, María MCertain Responses Matter: Analyzing Factors for Making Recipients Feel Supported, the Responses Taken by Institutions of Higher Education and Effects These Had on Students’ Sense of Support Post-DACA Repeal NoticeMassey, Douglas
2020Chowdhury, NazifaChoice or Circumstance?: An Analysis of Neighborhood Segregation and the Housing Preferences of People of Color in New York CityMassey, Douglas
2012Phan, TiennhanCoercive State Engineered Mass-Migration: Considerations of Game Theory in Greek DefectionMassey, Douglas
2012Ortega, DestinyCommunity Development and Latino Political Empowerment on Chicago's Southeast SideMassey, Douglas
2007Falit, Joseph E.Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the U.S.: The Framework for TomorrowMassey, Douglas
2021Pajdak, PatrycjaDisease and Information Dissemination: Analyzing the Media’s Role in Promoting the Public Health Agenda During the 1918 and 2020 PandemicsMassey, Douglas
2018Pearson, TaylorThe Divided State of America: The 450-Year History of the Creation and the Conflation of Whiteness in the United StatesMassey, Douglas
-Gillion, Leah LEducation, Political Ideology, and Academic OutcomesMassey, Douglas; McLanahan, Sara
2015Yu, JiayanThe Enclave Economy and Trajectories of Economic Mobility among Mexican ImmigrantsMassey, Douglas
2006Barajas, KarenEntwining Immigration and National Security: The Re-Emergence of Nativism Post-9/11 and Its Effects on Latino ImmigrantsMassey, Douglas
2023Singh, RiyaEnvironmental Goods and "Bads": Understanding Green Infrastructure in NYCHA Public HousingMassey, Douglas