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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2008Liu, Jessica Z.Against the Current: Opposition Voices in China's Drive for HydropowerLeheny, David
2014Nell-Tascon, Marianne Nichole“Crying ‘Nanking’: The Microblog Approach to Macro-Level Sino-Japanese Relations — A Pop Cultural Analysis”Leheny, David
2015Ou, Hugo Jin YiDebunking "Copycat" Culture in China: An Examination of the Chinese Internet LandscapeLeheny, David
2014Shibata, Asumi“Fan Creations, Fan Expressions: A Comparative Study of Derivative Works as Reflections of Fan Communities of Anime and Manga in Japan and the USA”Leheny, David
2012Stuth, Astrid Elena"The Kingly Way" and "Humane Authority": Women in Contemporary Political Confucianism and Visions of China as a Global PowerLeheny, David
2015Cook, Gavin GillespieThe Misery of Quicksilver: Myth, Memory, Performance, and Soil Pollution Remediation in ChinaLeheny, David
2013McGlone, James A.Mobile Values and Moral Devices: The Rise of Mobile Phone Culture among Chinese College Students and the Ideological ResponseLeheny, David
2015Parrado, Andres L.Not Here to Stay?: Chinese Globalization and Transnationalism in SerbiaLeheny, David
2012Kwong, PrincetonRedefining Causes of Japanese "Risk Aversion": A Look at Japanese Institutional Legacies and Their Effects on Entrepreneurial Growth in JapanLeheny, David
2017Su, Sophia"Under the Same Blue Sky:" A Study of Media Portrayal of Children of Chinese Migrant Workers and Education InequalityLeheny, David
2013Lin, Jonathan Cheng-PingUneven Rural “Development” in Contemporary China: The “Neoliberalization” of Space and Bodies in Two Chinese VillagesLeheny, David
2009Kellogg, Jessica A.Where Culture and Consumerism Meet: An analysis of Japanese CommercialsLeheny, David