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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Paternostro, AlexanderDeath in Broom (1921-1924): Suicide and the Escape of Art after the Great WarStuart, Susan; Kotin, Joshua
-Adair, Carl CFaithful Readings: Religion, Hermeneutics, and the Habits of Criticism 1880-1950Fuss, Diana; Kotin, Joshua
2018Wang, JasmineThe Family Letters of Sylvia Beach: A Mother's Life, World War I, and Opening of a BookshopKotin, Joshua
2012Westerman, Jessica LeighFrom Antolini to Zooey: The Evolution of Spirituality in the Works of J. D. SalingerKotin, Joshua
2015Montgomery, SydneyKiddie Killers: Using Murder to Teach Morality in Young Adult LiteratureKotin, Joshua
-Braun, Daniel RafaelKinds of Wrong: The Liberalization of Modern Poetry 1910-1960Kotin, Joshua; Dolven, Jeff
2013Cichomski, JoannaA Moment of Human Meaning: The Conscious Perception of Time and its Portrayal in the Literature of the Early Twentieth CenturyKotin, Joshua
2013Brendel, KurtNabokov, Pynchon, and Wallace: A Study of Literary ParanoiaKotin, Joshua
-Green, ElspethPopular Science and Modernist PoetryKotin, Joshua
2012Knoll, Tara ElizabethReading for Reentry: Literature's Role in Alternative SentencingKotin, Joshua
2013Cohen, CatherineReading Nostalgia: The Poetry of Joe Bolton, John Wieners, and James WrightKotin, Joshua
2019Thornton, ClaireStories of Return: Soviet-born American and British Writers in Post-Soviet RussiaKotin, Joshua
2012Gegan, Cooper MasonThis Novel Has Come Unstuck in Time: Addressing Timelessness in Postmodern LiteratureKotin, Joshua