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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Tan, Victoria Wei-WeiAluminum Oxide Surface Modification via Monolayer AdditionKahn, Antoine
2002Kace, JasonThe Art of Atomic Force Microscopy Tips and Techniques to use the Technology to Obtain Accurate Images. A Qualitative Description of the TechnologyKahn, Antoine
2022Pucurimay, LindaCharge Carrier Transport Properties in n = 1 Ruddlesden Popper Phase PerovskiteKahn, Antoine
2002Chan, CalvinControlled Doping of Organic SemiconductorsKahn, Antoine
2002Chan, CalvinControlled p-type doping of zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPc) with tetraflouro-tetracyano-quinodimenthane (F4-TCNQ)Kahn, Antoine
-Dai, AnCreating highly efficient carrier injection or collection contacts via soft-contact lamination of p-doped interlayersKahn, Antoine
2022Smith, Hannah LoranDoping at the Limit: Improving Charge Injection in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using Molecular DopantsKahn, Antoine
2018Huynh, HangEffects of Graphene Oxide on the Stability of Metal-Halide Perovskite Thin FilmsPeters, Catherine; Kahn, Antoine
2013Lin, YunHui LisaThe effects of polyethylenimine-ethoxylated thin-films on electron injection across organic interfacesKahn, Antoine
1989Stevens, KevinElastic Low Energy Electron Diffraction Applied to the Study of In GaAs (110), in GaSb (110) and Ag GaAs (110) Interfaces at Room and Low TemperatureKahn, Antoine
1991Bulovic, VladimirElectrochemical Etching of Tungsten and PLatinum/Iridium Tips for Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyKahn, Antoine
-Shu, Andrew LeoEngineering Interfacial Properties of Organic Semiconductors Through Soft-Contact Lamination and Surface FunctionalizationKahn, Antoine
2002Ruppalt, Laura B.Growth and Analysis of Si/SrBaO/SrTiO3 HeterostructuresKahn, Antoine
2017Feng, SunnyHole Injection and Transport in Organic Hole-Transport MaterialsKahn, Antoine
-Belasco, JamesImproving and Controlling Organic Field Effect Transistor Performance through Dual Solvent Processing and Molecular DopingKahn, Antoine
2011Mitra, IlinaThe Influence of N-Type Doping on Organic Electron Transport LayersKahn, Antoine
-Endres, James JohnInterface Energetics: The key to efficient organic and perovskite solar cellsKahn, Antoine
2008Kandabarow, Alexander M.Measuring the Seebeck Effect on Organic Semiconductor Thin-FilmsKahn, Antoine
-Man, Gabriel Jen ShiMetal oxide/semiconductor heterojunctions as carrier-selective contacts for photovoltaic applicationsKahn, Antoine