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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2002Goddard, James HoustonAllen Dulles and the Problem of Unconditional SurrenderJames, Harold
2016Ziv, AnnaBand of Outsiders: The Economic Return to Sephardic Kinship Networks in the 17th-Century Dutch RepublicJames, Harold
2005Lazar, Léonard AndréBefore Today's Anti-Semitism was Hyped: Post WWII French Jewish Identity and the Paradox of CommunautarismeJames, Harold
2002Fedderly, Jessica WintherThe Berings Bank Collapse and the Threat of Market Derivatives at the Turn of the 21st CenturyJames, Harold
1998Ahrens, Christian P. R.Beyond the Limits of Human Endurance and Back: Veterans and the Great War's Psychological LegacyJames, Harold
2018Pfeiffer, ConnorBritain and the "German Revolution": The European System and British Foreign Policy During the Franco-Prussian WarJames, Harold
2013Manfull, AlexandraCAPITAL AND CONFLICT A History of Investment Banks and Public OwnershipJames, Harold
2008Jarow, J. PeterCapital Inflows and the Credit Crunch: Foreign Origins of a U.S. CrisisJames, Harold
2001Blasgen, AlexandraA Car for the People, a Vehicle for the Fuhrer: The Development of the Volkswagen in the 1930'sJames, Harold
1994Lanagan, SeanColgne's Adenauer: Dynamic Leader in a Dynamic EraJames, Harold
1997Edwards, John A.Coping with Complexity Systems Building at Ford and GM 1910-1930James, Harold
2021Bomparola, MatthewCrisis on Wall Street: A retrospective analysis of the 2004 SEC net capital requirement rule change.James, Harold
2018Brackett, MarleyDetermining Codetermination: A Study of the Codification of the 1951 Coal and Steel Codetermination Law in Gutehoffnungshütte GmbHJames, Harold
2022White, BrevinThe Digital Nixon Shock: How the Decision on August 15, 1971, to Suspend Gold Convertibility Will Lead to the Demise of the Dollar and the Crypto Monetary RevolutionJames, Harold
2021Radwan, SarahA Domino Effect: Tourism and Egypt’s Reliance on the Informal Economy During the COVID crisisJames, Harold
2013Koger, AndrewTHE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF POLITICS: The Story of a Secret Meeting of International Financiers and Their Plan to Prevent the European Economic Crisis of the Early 1920sJames, Harold
1998Hess, Jonathan A.The Economics of Southern Secession: South Carolina and the Debate about SecessionJames, Harold
2016Beatty, Alexander DavidsonEl conflicto armado en Colombia: The National Front, Regional Elites, and the Rise of ParamilitarismJames, Harold
2018Steffensen, KatrineExploring the Efficacy of Sanctions Against Iran: An Industry Response & National Security PerspectiveJames, Harold
2009McCorkle IV, PopeThe Farmer's Board of Trade: The Story of the Bucket ShopsJames, Harold