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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2023Jelassi, SamyAlgorithmic and architectural implicit biases in deep learningHanin, Boris
2023Curto Correia Contente, Edoardo MiguelAttention Perturbed: Finite-Width Analysis of Attention-Based Deep Neural Network Architectures at InitializationHanin, Boris; Bialek, William
2022Peng, KennyDeep Residual Networks Preserve Expected LengthHanin, Boris
2021Leung, KathrynAn experimental study of the relationship between generalization and the bias variance tradeoff in neural networksHanin, Boris
2022Domsalla, WesleyExploding and Vanishing Gradients in High-Channel Convolutional Neural NetworksHanin, Boris
2023Suneja, SahilGamma Squeezing: An analysis of the market impact of institutional equity options market makers on the underlying marketHanin, Boris
2023Babineaux, CodeyHas Social Media given stock markets a soft side? An analysis of the influence of Twitter Sentiment on stock markets prices and volatilityHanin, Boris
2023Park, SimonInfinite-Width 1-Layer ReLU Networks with L2 Regularization on 2D DataHanin, Boris
2022Wang, MelissaMarket Making and Speculative Trading Feasibility in Play-to-Earn Crypto GamesHanin, Boris
2022Hefter, BillyMarkov Decision Process for Traffic Light Control: A Comparative ApproachHanin, Boris
2023Skinner, PeterMaximizing REITurns: A Multi-Armed Bandit Approach to Optimizing Trading Strategies on Real Estate Investment TrustsHanin, Boris
2023Onal, EmreRetrieval-Based Systems for Open-domain Question AnsweringHanin, Boris
2021Song, DavidThe Road to Zcash: A Survey of Zero-Knowledge TechnologyHanin, Boris
2021Sarita, KabirStyle Transfer in PoetryHanin, Boris