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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2001Boger, Peter GraysonThe Ascent of Apes: Changing Influences Over the Bronx Zoo's Cultural Function in the Twentieth CenturyGlassheim, Eagle
2005Saraswat, Surabhi SureshThe Creation of the Fascist Faith: Mussolini's Unsuccessful Attempt at Unifying ItalyGlassheim, Eagle
2004Shaw, Martin JosephA Cult of Personality: The FBI Under J. Edgar HooverGlassheim, Eagle
2004Milligan, Lucy ElizabethDaniel De Luce: War Correspondent for a New EraGlassheim, Eagle
2002Muller, Lesley C.Exiles or Emigrants? The Czech Migration of 1968Glassheim, Eagle
2002Morris, Kimberley A.For Nation and Fatherland: A Comparative Look at the American Colonization Society and the Nazis' Madagascar PlanGlassheim, Eagle
2001Spence, J. GrahamFrom Strategic Linchpin to Strategic Oddity: Tracing the Decline of the Panama Canal's Strategic Value to the United States Navy, with Special Attention to the Role of Naval Aviation and the Aircraft CarrierGlassheim, Eagle
2001Rodriguez, Jamie LeeThe New Romans: The Greek and Roman Influences on the Founding of the American RepublicGlassheim, Eagle
2002Chiswick-Patterson, Michael AaronNot Their Finest Hour: The Failure of Interwar Anglo-German RelationsGlassheim, Eagle
2001Lee, Jennifer D.Preparing Czechoslovakia for the Munich Agreement: The 1938 Runciman MissionGlassheim, Eagle
2004Mikanowski, Bruno JacobSpeaking Statues and Buried Kings: Cultural Uses of the Past in Autonomous Krakow (1866-1914)Glassheim, Eagle