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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2007Holmgren, Katherine A.An American Affair: Deconstructing Brancusi’s Reception in the United StatesFoster, Hal
-Filipovic, ElenaThe Apparently Marginal Activities of Marcel DuchampFoster, Hal
2014Dubbs, KatherineBeyond Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh: The Lost Voices of a Frozen CityFoster, Hal
2013Dammers, KathrynChallenging the Edge: Analyzing Trisha Brown’s Museum Commissions at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Walker Art CenterFoster, Hal
2012Zaragoza, Catherine ElyseConquering the Wall: The Impact of David Alfaro Siqueiros’s 1932 Los Angeles MuralsFoster, Hal
2010Palley, William BaerCracking the Canon: Queer Cultural Activism in the Work of Felix Gonzalez-TorresFoster, Hal
2009Carlson, Scott MichaelCritical Objects: The Minimalist Critique of Modernist Art.Foster, Hal
2007Horn, Caitlin C.(DE)Constructing the Spectacular Museum: Olafur Eliasson and Carsten Höller at Tate ModernFoster, Hal
2008McReynolds, Jennifer B.Deconstructing the Return of Figurative Elements: Jackson Pollock's Black Paintings, 1951-1953Foster, Hal
-Paneth-Pollak, TessaDefinite Means: Arp's Cut-Outs, 1911-1930Foster, Hal
2022Henriksen, NielsFigure as Cultural Form: The Art and "Archaeology" of Asger Jorn, 1947–1973Foster, Hal
2010Jasiewicz, Monika BeataFragmentation, Layering, Discrepancy: The Artistic Practice of the LettristesFoster, Hal
-Katz, Anna C.Hybrid Species: Lee Bontecou's Sculpture and Drawing, 1958-1971Foster, Hal
2007Crane, Heather M.Life.Structure.Death.: Psychedelic Art in the 1960sFoster, Hal
2017Ercan, NazliMartens Monoprint: Graphic Design as a "Ghost Discipline"Foster, Hal
-Reitz, Chris JohnMartin Kippenberger and Mike Kelley: The Artist Persona and the Precarious Middle ClassFoster, Hal
-King, Jennifer WenchaMichael Asher and the Art of InfrastructureFoster, Hal
-Leiderman, Daniil MarkovichMoscow Conceptualism and "Shimmering": Authority, Anarchism, and SpaceFoster, Hal; Oushakine, Serguei
-Lim, Michelle Yin YinNavigating Floating Worlds: Curatorial Strategies in Contemporary Chinese Art, 1979-2008Silbergeld, Jerome; Foster, Hal
2009Mills, Erin PatriciaThe Nonrevolutionary Pattern of Creativity: Vik Muniz and His Oeuvre- Homage or Parody?Foster, Hal