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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Gropper, Adrienne B.The 3’ Untranslated Region of Adenovirus 9 E4 ORF1 Protein Has a Repressive Effect on Expression of the Viral E4 ORF1 OncoproteinFlint, Jane
2011Qi, JiThe Adenoviral E1B 55-kDa Protein Inhibits Type I Interferon Response in Normal Human CellsFlint, Jane
2000Weir, Meghan MacLeanAdenovirus Early Protein Expression and DNA Replication in HFF Cells and the Expression of E1B-55K by a Recombinant BaculovirusFlint, Jane
2009Li, Man ChungAssessment of the Role of the IVa2 Protein in Activating the Transcription of E1A during the Early Phase of Infection by Human Adenovirus Type 5Flint, Jane
2008Sarhan, Anas M.The association of adenovirus type 5 DNA with cellular histones is detected within the host nucleus at late times during the viral infectious cycleFlint, Jane
2007Cronin, KevinCharacterization of Adenovirus Type 5 E1B-55K Mutants and their Effects on ReplicationFlint, Jane
2006Louie, ChristineCharacterization of the Cellular Protein Daxx during Adenovirus InfectionFlint, Jane
2014Trinh, PeterCharacterizing the Relationship Between Sumoylation and the E1B 55-Kilodalton Protein During Adenoviral InfectionFlint, Jane
1997Rhee, Jin-SaeCloning of the Putative DNA-Binding Component of the IVa2 RepressorFlint, Jane
2000Harrison, Julia M.Construction of a Mutant Ad5 Vector by Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Homologous Recombination in E.coli for Studies of IVa2 Gene ExpressionFlint, Jane
2003Gurunathan, SujaConstruction of a Mutant Adenovirus type 5 Vector by Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Homologous Recombination of E. coli for Studies of E1B-55K Shutling ActivityFlint, Jane
2001Branagan, Natalie MariConstruction of two control plasmids for the mutational analysis of the DNA-binding domain of the adenoviral IVa2 proteinFlint, Jane
2012Reyes, IsaacCreation of Stable E1B55K-Expressing Cell Lines by Lentiviral TransductionFlint, Jane
1999Improta, JessicaE1B-55K and E4orf6 Patterns of Expression in Adenovirus 5-Infected Human Diploid Fibroblasts and Recombinant E4orf6 Expression and PurificationFlint, Jane
2005Ortiz-Rubio, PaulinaEffects of Substitution Mutations in the Adenovirus Type 5 E1B 55kDa Protein on p53 InhibitionFlint, Jane
1995Haverty, CarolEvaluating a potential competitive mechanism between transcription by RNA polymerase II and III from a mutated VA1 promterFlint, Jane
1996Lovett, Brian D.Examining a Potential Autogenous Regulatory Function in the Adenovirus Type 2 IVa2 PromoterFlint, Jane
-DeHart, CarolineExtensive Post-Translational Modification of Endogenous Human p53Flint, Jane
2012Gallagher, CourtneyFull Inhibition of the IFN-Mediated Immune Response by E1B 55-kDa Requires the Putative C-Terminal Transcriptional Repression DomainFlint, Jane
2005Fesnak, Andrew D.Gene Therapy: Genetic Delivery VectorsFlint, Jane