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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Chanani, VishalAre Payday Loans Usurious? Regulatory Evidence on Market StructureFarber, Henry
2000Platt, LeahThe Causes and Consequences of Further Schooling Among High School DropoutsFarber, Henry
2020Garvey, NicholasConcentration in Industry-Delineated and Occupation-Delineated Local Labor MarketsFarber, Henry
2014McNamara IV, JohnCorporate Real Assets and Employment DecisionsFarber, Henry
1999Cannistra, AmyDeterminants of Transition from Full-time EmploymentFarber, Henry
2014Genao II, EduardoDisplaced: An Examination of the Decision to Move following Job LossFarber, Henry
2018Guo, JenniferEarly Career Job Mobility and the Gender Wage Growth DifferentialFarber, Henry
-Niu, XiaotongEssays in Applied MicroeconomicsFarber, Henry; Shephard, Andrew
-Homonoff, Tatiana AlexandraEssays in Behavioral Economics and Public PolicyFarber, Henry; Lee, David
-Arnold, DavidEssays on the Determinants of Employment and WagesFarber, Henry; Mas, Alexandre
-Chen, MingyuEssays on the Economics of International Students in US Higher EducationFarber, Henry
2001Paige, VictoriaFinding Funding From Fathers: An Economic Analysis of Paternity Legislation on Never Married WomenFarber, Henry
2011Young, MadelineGeographic Mobility of Married Couples in the United States: The Effect of Household Employment StructureFarber, Henry
2006Zhang, Thomas ShoutongThe Impact of Hurricane Katrina on the United States Labor MarketFarber, Henry
2010Tang, KejiaLay Off the CEO? An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Layoffs and CEO Turnover on Firm PerformanceFarber, Henry
1996Cacciola, Stephen E.Medicare's Prospective Payment System: Evidence on Changes in Length of Stay and Hospital Discharge Patterns in CaliforniaFarber, Henry
2006Lanzi, Nicholas DavidRacial Profiling and the Maryland State Police: Are Highways Equal for Whites and African Americans?Farber, Henry
1996Kovner, AnnaSex Differences in the Returns to Job Stability: An Econometric AnalysisFarber, Henry
2013Zhao, LindaTill Debt Do Us Part: Gender Differences in Student Loan Debt and Marital TransitionsFarber, Henry
2014Pitts, ElizabethThe Timing of Intra-Industry Information Transfers, 1995-2012: A Signal Extraction ApproachFarber, Henry