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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Carney, TrevorA Modern Look at Hedge Fund Activism Performance and the Impact of Target Company CharacteristicsFan, Jianqing
2016Zhang, SinanAn Analysis of Real Estate Investment Trust: Dynamic Correlations with Stock, Bond, Real Estate and ConsumptionFan, Jianqing
2005Chih, CyrenaAn Analysis of the Practical Application of Parimutuel Pricing Systems on the Foreign Exchange MarketFan, Jianqing
2018Lin, JiahuangApplications of Deep Recurrent Neural Network to High Frequency TradingFan, Jianqing; E, Weinan
2006Coopersmith, EvanAsymmetric Objectives & Inefficient Markets: A Non-Parametric Predictor for Major League Baseball Games And the Evaluation of Betting LinesFan, Jianqing
2007Tai, JimChaoticity as a Measure of Risk in Financial Time SeriesFan, Jianqing
2019Wang, KateChinese Hedge Funds: Understanding Performance with CAPM and Factor AnalysisFan, Jianqing
-Lu, JunweiCombinatorial Inference for Large-Scale Data AnalysisLiu, Han; Fan, Jianqing
2009Raghavan, Shriya IyengarComovements of High-Yield Bonds and Equity of Firms Under Varying Market ConditionsFan, Jianqing
2017Yu, SusannaComparing Normalization Methods for Differential Expression Analysis on RNA-Sequence Data from Autism SamplesFan, Jianqing
2008Caswell, MichaelCovariate Selection for Intensity-Based Credit Risk ModelsFan, Jianqing
2009Yee, LaurissaCredit Default Swap Indices: The Feedback Effect on Single-Name Credit SpreadsFan, Jianqing
2005Cheung, ElisaCredit Spread Dynamics and the Macro-Economy: An Empirical InvestigationFan, Jianqing
2009Chiao, MeganDeterminants of Stock Market Returns in Emerging MarketsFan, Jianqing
2018Erkalova, AnnaDiscrimination in the Criminal Justice System: A Mechanism for Balancing Misclassification by RaceFan, Jianqing
-Zhu, ZiweiDistributed and Robust Statistical LearningFan, Jianqing
2015Muller, CharlotteAn Empirical Analysis and Optimization of Carry and Momentum Strategies in the Foreign Exchange MarketFan, Jianqing
2004Shu, Catherine AnnAn Epidemiological Study on the Growing Problem of Obesity in ChinaFan, Jianqing
2016Xiao, EdwardEquity Portfolio Optimization using Latent Factor ModelsFan, Jianqing