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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Huang, TiffanyAedes aegypti and Dengue TransmissionEnquist, Lynn
2008Gawande, Richa M.Altered Mitochondrial Distribution and Transport in the Pathogenesis of Pseudorabies Virus InfectionEnquist, Lynn
1998Newton, Isabel GalaAnalysis of Pseudorabies Virus AK9 Spread through Rodent Neuronal Circuits between the Retinal Ganglion Cells and the HippocampusEnquist, Lynn
1998Baynes, Jason RobertAn Analysis of Reactive Oxygen Species as Initiators and Modulators of Neuronal DeathEnquist, Lynn
2011Hassani, Daisy B.An Analysis of the Effect of Pseudorabies Virus Infection on Mitochondrial DNAEnquist, Lynn
2019Vernejoul, JonahCharacterization of the Neuroinflammatory Response During Pseudorabies Virus Infection in MiceEnquist, Lynn
2014Wu, Brendan W.Characterization of the Replication Incompetent IE180 Null Pseudorabies VirusEnquist, Lynn
1997Hitchcock, Amy L.Characterization of UL21, a Pseudorabies Virus Neurovirulence DeterminantEnquist, Lynn
2000Werner, Heidi C.Characterization of VP22: A Pseudorabies Virus ProteinEnquist, Lynn
2014Jeon, Diane T.A Collusion in Coinfection: Evaluating the Synergistic Mechanisms Between Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosisEnquist, Lynn
1998Jones, Thomas E.Combating Drug Resistant Malaria Parasites: Development and Distribution Strategies for Antimalarial DrugsEnquist, Lynn
2019Song, BrianA Comparative Analysis of Amyloid Precursor Protein Processing in Neuronal Cells Infected with HSV-1 and PRVEnquist, Lynn
1997Brodsky, Igor E.Construction and Analysis of PRV Recombinants Expressing HSV-1 GlycoproteinsEnquist, Lynn
1999Liu, AudreyConstruction of a Novel PRV-Bartha Infectious CloneEnquist, Lynn
2005Raldow, Ann CarolineConstruction of an Attenuated Herpesvirus Recombinant that Expresses a Fluorescent Red Capsid ProteinEnquist, Lynn
1997Huang, Karen S.Construction of Infectious Pseudorabies Virus from Cosmid-cloned Subgenomic FragmentsEnquist, Lynn
1995Barton, Gregory M.Construction of Neurotropic Herpesvirus Recombinants Carrying Novel Reporter GenesEnquist, Lynn
2018Vogeley, GabrielaDissecting the Anterograde Spread Defect of HSV-1 Strain McIntyre in NeuronsEnquist, Lynn; Engel, Esteban
2006Buerki, Robin ArthurThe Effects of Autophagy on the Replication of Herpes Simplex Virus and Pseudorabies VirusEnquist, Lynn
2006Zider, Jacqueline ElliotEngineering Viruses to Fight Cancer: A Review of Selected Antitumor TherapiesEnquist, Lynn