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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Trefethen, Emma JavelleAlternating minimization for recommender systems with sparse dataEngelhardt, Barbara
2016Smith, Matthew ClarenceAutomatic Music Transcription Using Feed-Forward Neural NetworksEngelhardt, Barbara
2018Feng, KarenA Biostatistician Walks into a Casino: Bandits for Experimental DesignEngelhardt, Barbara
2018Bayless, NicoA Browser Extension to Curb Fake NewsEngelhardt, Barbara
2016Jerfel, GhassenDynamic Compound-Poisson FactorizationEngelhardt, Barbara
2018Lu, JonathanEffective and Scalable Causal Inference from Gene Expression Time SeriesEngelhardt, Barbara
2017Zaslavsky, MaximInfino: Bayesian Inference to Extract Distinguishing Traits of Immune Cell Expression Phenotypes and Compute Immune Infiltrate Abundance in Tumor MicroenvironmentEngelhardt, Barbara
2021Lewandowski, CarinaMachine (Un)learning: An Investigation of Racial Bias in Predictive Recidivism Algorithms as a Product of Real-World, Structural DiscriminationEngelhardt, Barbara
2019Zimmer, JacobMethods for Labeling Big Data: Active Learning and Data ProgrammingStewart, Brandon; Engelhardt, Barbara
2016Kwok, JonathanThe Performance of Elastic Net in Genome-based Disease ClassificationEngelhardt, Barbara
2021Gundersen, GregoryPractical Algorithms for Latent Variable ModelsEngelhardt, Barbara
2015Lee, JacobQuantifying and Analyzing the Puzzle of Genetic Mosaic Segments in MycobacteriophagesEngelhardt, Barbara
2016Parmar, Viraj VijayReplicated Random Graphs under a Mixture of Low-Rank Decompositions with applications to Multiview Network ModelingEngelhardt, Barbara
2017Phillips, AqeelReplicating Audio Features: An Application of Machine Learning ConceptsEngelhardt, Barbara
2017Semelhago, AndrewScaling Bayesian Optimization for High-Dimensional Iterative Experimental DesignEngelhardt, Barbara
2017Gonzales-Luna, SamuelSpatial Analysis of Functional Enrichment (SAFE) for the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genetic Interaction Similarity Network - Graph Layout EffectsEngelhardt, Barbara