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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2010Wood, Abigail Palmer"Ah, then the times were dull indeed, None went to coffee-house to read": The Space of the New York Coffee House and How It Reflected the Shifting Socio-Political Climate of Late Eighteenth-Century AmericaDun, J. Alexander
2006Summers, MeganArt Music: Jazz's Transition from the American Mainstream to American AcademiaDun, J. Alexander
2005Prince, AliciaDisarming Joshua: The History of Michael Manley's Relationship with the International Monetary Fund 1972-1980Dun, J. Alexander
2005Hartmann, Thaddeus ProcinoDiscipline in the American Navy During the American RevolutionDun, J. Alexander
2008Dennison, Katheryn R.The Effects of Revolution in Saint Domingue: Charlestonians' Changing Perceptions of the French RevolutionDun, J. Alexander
2008Berg, Alexander L.Evolutionary Firearms of the 19th Century: An Influencing Factor in the Modernization of Warfare, Progression of Battle Tactics, and Union VictoryDun, J. Alexander
2006Prugar, Timothy J.From Genesis to Revelation: The Evolution of Popular Memory and Public Perception of Vietnam VeteransDun, J. Alexander
2009Rodman, Joshua LeonardHaym Salomon: The Memorialization and Subsequent Utilization of the History of Salomon's Financial Involvement in the American RevolutionDun, J. Alexander
2009Davis, Thomas C.James Beekman's Revolution: A New York Merchant's Transition from Businessman to Patriot (1763-1775)Dun, J. Alexander
2009Lefevre, Callie CecileMaking a Virtue of Necessity: Redefining Gentility in Colonial AmericaDun, J. Alexander
1999Brophy, James A.Native SourceDun, J. Alexander
2008Hyzak, Kevin J.The Nature of Success: Discerning American Impetus for the Guatemalan Coup, 1954Dun, J. Alexander
2010George-Nichol, Jesse'Our Honor Before the World, & in the Eyes of Impartial History': The Stakes of the North Carolina Convention of 1861Dun, J. Alexander
2008Nenno, Christopher F."Our Plan is Commerce": Foreign Trade and Free Trade Ideology During the American Revolutionary EraDun, J. Alexander
2005Eyler, Gustav WilliamPrisoner Pawns: American Policies and the German Prisoner Experience in the War for IndependenceDun, J. Alexander
2008O'Toole, James T.A Relationship of Convenience: Fault Lines and Common Ground in the Hamilton-Madison PartnershipDun, J. Alexander
2009Clawater, Rebekah GraceResistance on the Reservation: The Tragic Leadership of Quanah ParkerDun, J. Alexander
2005Williams, AbigailSí, Se Puede: Chilean Women's Movements During the Pinochet Years (1973-1990)Dun, J. Alexander
2006O'Hern, Maureen"Slide, Kelly, Slide:" Irish Immigration, "The National Game," and Becoming American in the Second Half of the 19th CenturyDun, J. Alexander
2010Jaffe, Daniel S.William Bainbridge, Stephen Decatur, and the U.S. Navy (1798-1820)Dun, J. Alexander