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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1994Ericson, Britt MarieA.S. Byatt's Victorian Ventriloquism: Nineteenth-Century Forms and Issues in Possession: A RomanceDiBattista, Maria
2019Britt, ElizaAt the Edge of Print: Representing Female Oppression in Feminist FictionDiBattista, Maria
2004Hulick, Robert AllenAwakenings: A Discussion of the "Uncanny" and Anxieties Concerning Masculine Identity and Legacy in Selected Gothic TextsDiBattista, Maria
1998Jerng, Mark Chia YonBetween Image and Fantasy: Narrative Form, Subjectivity, and Masculinity in Asian American NarrativeDiBattista, Maria
-Gaubinger, Rachel CleavelandBetween Siblings: Form and Family in the Modern NovelNord, Deborah E; DiBattista, Maria
2023Sturley, Rachel"The Body Intervenes": Narrating Illness at the Turn of the 20th CenturyDiBattista, Maria
2012Smyth, Peter ThomasCanons of War: WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the War on TerrorDiBattista, Maria
2005Ypsilanti, DaphneCity SymphoniesDiBattista, Maria
2000Jensen, Halden FitzgeraldClass and Connection in the Novels of Elizabeth Bowen and Virginia WoolfDiBattista, Maria
2023de Bernardi, AnnaCogito, (HER)go Machina Sum; Or, a Literary Exploration of the Roots of Machine Imagination from Mechanist Philosophy to Proto-Science Fiction with a Focus on the Feminine ElementDiBattista, Maria; Alliston, April
2004Perea, Amelia BelenControversial Representations of the Holocaust: A Comparative Study of Memoir and FilmDiBattista, Maria
2019Ganatra, PriyaDeviant Children: Matilda and Like Stars on Earth: an examination of childhood innocenceDiBattista, Maria
2000Heyman, MarshallDouble Exposure: Projecting the Self through Autobiography and PhotographyDiBattista, Maria
2002Sorensen, Jennifer JuliaDrowning in the Modern Metropolis: Water and the City in Mrs. Dalloway, "The Waste Land," and UlyssesDiBattista, Maria
2004Marlenga, Ashley B.Elizabeth Bowen in the Age of MagicDiBattista, Maria
2002Ulrich, Jonathan C.The Elusive Revolution: Capturing History in Dickens, Hugo, Hemingway and OrwellDiBattista, Maria
2018De La Garza, AlejandroThe English Teachers: Sketches of a New Generation in Hunan, ChinaDiBattista, Maria
2022Peterson, TimExcavating Myth and Memory in Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day and The Buried GiantDiBattista, Maria
1994Royall, Caroline J.F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway: The Formation of Character Through the Short Story Format- in the Basil and Josephine Stories and the Nick Adams StoriesDiBattista, Maria
-Aronowicz, Yaron ShlomoFascinated Moderns: the Attentions of Modern FictionDiBattista, Maria; Cheng, Anne