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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1997Ostrem, KarenaThe Aesthetic and Structural Evaluation of the Cable Stayed Bridge: Case Study of the Shin Inagawa BridgeDeodatis, George
1996Arwade, Sanjay R.Analysis of the Effect of Differential Support Motion on a Typical Reinforced Concrete Highway BridgeDeodatis, George
1994Edgar, Gillian L.Analysis of the Effects of Spatially Varying Seismic Ground Motion on a Typical Highway OverpassDeodatis, George
1999Park, Sang H.A Comparison of Different Approaches in Seismic AnalysisDeodatis, George
1996Ruf, VeronikaConservation of the San Francisco Monastery in Quito: Analysis of the Materials and StructureDeodatis, George
2001Callow, JeffreyDevelopment of Software to Optimize Building Design Under Lateral LoadingDeodatis, George
2002Wong, WilliamEarthquakes in New York city: risks and consequencesDeodatis, George
1997Kwan, Wing-Pin; Kwan, Wing-PinThe Effect of Spatially Differential Seismic Ground Motion on a Typical Three-Span Concrete BridgeDeodatis, George
1995Morfophopoulos, ConstantineThe Effect of the Velocity of Wave Propogation and Coherence on the Seismic Response of Bridges A Case Study: The Route 14/5 Separation & OverheadDeodatis, George
1994Kao, Patricia Fung-yuThe Finite Element Analysis of the Proximal Femur: Development of a Simplified and Efficient ModelDeodatis, George
1995Klosek, Justin T.The Gavin Canyon Undercrossing: Failure Analysis Under Seismic Loading and a Retrofitting Proposal Using Spring-Damper SystemsDeodatis, George
1994Mancke, Lisa M.Proposal: Meridian Bank Tower Reconstruction and Supplemental ConstructionDeodatis, George
2002Markham, BenjaminThe renovation of sound: the acoustic analysis, prediction, and optimization of performance spaceDeodatis, George
1996Burhouse, III, J. RossSeismic Analysis of Tatara Cable-Stayed Bridge in Ehime, JapanDeodatis, George
1995Rodriquez, Sara L.Seismic Analysis of the Alaskan Way ViaductDeodatis, George
2002Starc, MichaelSeismic fragility analysis of multy-span bridges on different local soil conditionsDeodatis, George
1994Ackerman, Christopher B.Serviceability, Reliability and Environmental Cost of Alternate Structural Wood Floor AssembliesDeodatis, George
1995Wang, YusiSpatially Varying Seismic Ground Motion in the Failure of the SR14/I-5 Viaduct, Northridge, California 1994Deodatis, George
1997Jovane, AngelaA Study of Spatially Varying Ground Motion on the Western Span of the Bay BridgeDeodatis, George
2001Juda, AdamA Support For a More Rigorous Time History Method Analysis of Girder BridgesDeodatis, George