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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Evans, Stephanie S.Abandoned but Not Forgotten: Founding Welfare in Modern Chinese HistoryChen, Janet Y.
2008del Pozo, Carlos M.An Excellent Revoluntionary Situation: China and the Liberation Movements in Portuguese AfriciaChen, Janet Y.
2011Folkerts, Vanessa AlessandraHealing the Nation and the World: The Politicization of Tibetan Medicine in the Twentieth CenturyChen, Janet Y.
2007Pichard, JackInequalities of Relocation Compensation in Contemporary Shanghai Redevelopment ProjectsChen, Janet Y.
2014Pondo-Voigt, ChristopherNASCAR, Inc. Daytona, R.J. Reynolds, and the Effects of Commercialization on Stock Car Racing 1945-1971Chen, Janet Y.
2013Lorentz, Anna A.The New Chinese Diaspora in Brazil: Changes in Overseas Chinese Policy Reflecting the PRC Agenda to Foster China-Brazil Trade Ties,1990 - 2012Chen, Janet Y.
2014Kontulis, JeffreyPresident Carter in Iran: The Faltering of his Human Rights PolicyChen, Janet Y.
2011Li, Snow MengnanThe Social and Political Transformation of Chinatown USA: Wartime Patriotism from 1931 to 1945Chen, Janet Y.
2011Srinivasan, Simone LeeTheir Tiny World: Foreigners in Peking, 1911-1937Chen, Janet Y.
2015DeTommaso, Brendan FrancisTribulation, Dissention, Pacifism, and War: The Quaker Struggle to Remain Pacifist During The Civil WarChen, Janet Y.
2013Dennig, Ashley MarieWorth Its Salt: Salt Tax Revenue and Administrative Reform in China’s Transition from Dynasty to Early Republic (1860-1914)Chen, Janet Y.