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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1995Goldberg, Rachel S.The Aesthetics of Relation: Forster, Ford, and WoolfCadava, Eduardo
2005Lueke, Kristin"Among the Ruins:" Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Magic Realism, & the Creation of a New RealityCadava, Eduardo
-Peregrina, ElenaAperture and Exposure: The Photography of LiteratureNouzeilles, Gabriela; Cadava, Eduardo
2003Shaw, AlexandraThe Body's Memory, Memory's Body: Letters on Walter BenjaminCadava, Eduardo
1997Christie, Tara M.Bound by Love: The Failed Repression of Yeats's Mother Ireland in Joyce and BeckettCadava, Eduardo
2000Manfredonia, Jennifer MicheleCatcher Caught: Erik Erikson, Adolescent Psychology, and a New Approach to The Catcher in the RyeCadava, Eduardo
2004Golden, Nicole WaltonCultivating the Relationship Between Author and Reader in the Contemporary American Immigrant AutobiographyCadava, Eduardo
2005Browne, Christopher BarrettDiasporic Voices: Writers of the Cuban Exile ConsciousnessCadava, Eduardo
2016Ude, Ogemdi AkunnaDigging Up Bones: (Re)Staging Death in Black Performance ArtCadava, Eduardo
2002Grauer, Jared BrooksDirty War on the Razor's Edge: The Fragmented Dialectics of Apocalypse NowCadava, Eduardo
1996Alcamo, Patricia JoyThe Eclipse of Singularity and Crisis of Community in Naked Lunch, V, and Mao IICadava, Eduardo
1997McBride, Christine AnnEncrypting Revelation: Collapse of Time and Space in the Imagist Equations of Ezra Pound and H.D.Cadava, Eduardo
1996Taylor, Jay ThomasThe Evolution of the Detective in Poe and Chandler: From Crime-Solver to Critic of the American WestCadava, Eduardo
1995Rinzel, Laura MarieFictions of Consciousness: Narrative Voice in Four Novels by Virginia WoolfCadava, Eduardo
2011Schwab, Isabel PearlFitting In: The Democratization of Plus Size FashionCadava, Eduardo
2020Saka, RasheedaFugitive Yearnings: Stillness and Migration in Literatures of the Black DiasporaCadava, Eduardo
-Wythoff, GrantGadgetry: New Media and the Fictional ImaginationCadava, Eduardo
1993Fluck, Rodney S.Haunted Minds and Haunting Texts: The Use of Psychological and Textual Ghosts in the Fiction of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry JamesCadava, Eduardo
1995Walden, Kathryn AmyI Love Murder: Youth, Violence and the Media in Three Contemporary FilmsCadava, Eduardo
2004Obi, Gertrude C."If You Can Stand My Style (I Am Writing Under Observation)" Language, Solipsism and the Perils of Complicity in Camus's L'Etranger and Nabokov's LolitaCadava, Eduardo