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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2008Goss, KelsiAdventures in Autoland: Los Angeles, Disneyland, and the Destiny of Driving.Boyer, M. Christine
-Imperiale, Alicia A.Alternate Organics: The aesthetics of experimentation in art, technology & architecture in postwar ItalyBoyer, M. Christine
2008Farley, EmilyAntediluvian Architecture: Rethinking New Orleans' Public Housing after the StormBoyer, M. Christine
-Steenson, Molly WrightArchitectures of Information: Christopher Alexander, Cedric Price, and Nicholas Negroponte & MIT's Architecture Machine GroupBoyer, M. Christine
2016Hamel, William LukeBackyard Forgotten, Terrain Vague: The Present and Future Development of the Eleonas of Athens, GreeceBoyer, M. Christine
1993Zimmerman, JenniferChildren and Space: Structures of Schools and Other Learning EnvironmentsBoyer, M. Christine
2022Lee, SandyChinese Identity in and Beyond Chinatown: Traditional Chinese Architecture, Auspicious Symbols, and Feng ShuiBoyer, M. Christine
1999Nadal, BeatrizCities Made to Order: A Study on the Spanish Conquest of the New World Represented through Mapping and the Spanish American Grid PlanBoyer, M. Christine
2015White, DavidCITY IN SEARCH OF SPACE Hong Kong and the Experience of DensityBoyer, M. Christine
2015Velazquez, StephanieA City of Symbols and Fictions The Unique Manifestation of Gentrification in the Mission DistrictBoyer, M. Christine
2019Perez, RaeClosure & Afterlife: Reimagining Shuttered Schools in ChicagoBoyer, M. Christine; Shkuda, Aaron
2006Shao, Amie Y.Club Med and Urban WarfareBoyer, M. Christine
2003Hagberg, EvaConstructing Memory: Rebuilding Berlin in the Traces of the PastBoyer, M. Christine
2015Rusak, MaryiaConstructing the Soviet Modern: Politics of Domestic SpacesBoyer, M. Christine
1993Bartle, LouisaFrom the Roman Forum to Disneyland: A Study of the Evolution of Public SpaceBoyer, M. Christine
1999Gamble, JulianaA Harbor in the Storm: Intentions and Unexpected Consequences of Urban RedevelopmentBoyer, M. Christine
2000Johns, JenniferHeirarchy and Language: Construction of a Female Creative Potential in ArchitectureBoyer, M. Christine
2019Khan, NoshinIMAGES OF CONSUMPTION: The Architecture of Gender in Post 9/11 DubaiPapapetros, Spyros; Boyer, M. Christine
2002Menon, Ayesha M.Kowloon Walled City: The making of an IconBoyer, M. Christine
1997Hoffman, BrianThe LabyrintheBoyer, M. Christine