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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2022Swaminathan, Ashvin Anand2-Selmer groups, 2-class groups, and the arithmetic of binary formsBhargava, Manjul
-Shankar, ArulThe average rank of elliptic curves over number fieldsBhargava, Manjul
2022Fess, DanBinary Forms, Quintic Rings and Sextic ResolventsBhargava, Manjul
-Ruth, SamuelA Bound on The Average Rank of j-Invariant Zero Elliptic CurvesBhargava, Manjul
2019Tyler, MattCohen-Lenstra sums over \(\mathbb{Z}_p[C_p]\)Bhargava, Manjul
2009Shnidman, ArielCounting Cubic Rings Having a Fixed Lattice TypeBhargava, Manjul
-Miller, Alison BethCounting simple knots via arithmetic invariantsBhargava, Manjul
2015Marinescu, MonicaA Dual Description of Integral Binary Cubic Forms and the Ohno-Nakagawa IdentitiesBhargava, Manjul
2007Shen, Jian Y.Exceptional Lie Groups: Algebraic and Geometric MagicBhargava, Manjul
2005Satriano, MatthewFormal Galois Closures of Degenerate RingsBhargava, Manjul
2015Nogues, Isabelle EmmanuellaFrom automata theory to number theory: p-regularity of p-adic valuations of number theoretic sequencesBhargava, Manjul
-Biesel, Owen DouglassGalois Closures for RingsBhargava, Manjul
-Varma, IlaOn local-global compatibility for cuspidal regular algebraic automorphic representations of GLnTaylor, Richard; Bhargava, Manjul
-Gundlach, Fabian AndreasParametrizing extensions with fixed Galois groupBhargava, Manjul
2022Lee, Seok HyeongParametrizing Rings of Rank 6Bhargava, Manjul
-Alpoge, Levent Hasan AliPoints on CurvesBhargava, Manjul
2016Fedel, Nassim SaidThe Rank-Stability of Congruent Number Elliptic Curves in Odd-Degree Number Fields and Generalizations of the Monsky MatrixBhargava, Manjul
2021O'Dorney, Evan MichaelReflection theorems for number ringsBhargava, Manjul
2013Tan, JuanheSelmer group calculations for some elliptic curves of the form y2=x3+DxBhargava, Manjul
-Harron, Piper AlexisThe Equidistribution of Lattice Shapes of Rings of Integers of Cubic, Quartic, and Quintic Number Fields: An Artist's RenderingBhargava, Manjul