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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020DeVincenzo, MatteoA Development in Common Ownership: How Intra-Industry Diversified Shareholders Can Create Anticompetitive Incentives in the Airline IndustryAshenfelter, Orley
2004Yanagi, Eric T.Abortion Legalization and Educational AttainmentAshenfelter, Orley
2005Noteware, Amanda MaudAdvertisers Anonymous: An Analysis of Advertising in the Alcohol IndustryAshenfelter, Orley
2007Herron, Jason R.America's Expanding Melting Pot: Geographic Concentration as Immigrants Attempt to Fit InAshenfelter, Orley
2019Casto, MichaelAn Analysis of the Difference in Returns to Education across Income Quantiles in the United States between 1987 and 2016Ashenfelter, Orley
2000Rebel, JessicaAn Analysis of the Factors Influencing Cocaine Use in the United StatesAshenfelter, Orley
2005Boyle, MeganAre Americans Ready for Social Security Privatization? Evidence From Individual Retirement AccountsAshenfelter, Orley
2000Taylor, SeanBearing in Mind: The Effect of Income on Fertility DecisionsAshenfelter, Orley
2020Zerouali Boukhal, YousraCan Immigration Enforcement Policies Induce Labor Market Discrimination? Evidence from Secure CommunitiesAshenfelter, Orley
2007Lance, JacquelineThe Causes of Media Bias: A Case Study of Newspaper Slant and Illegal ImmigrationAshenfelter, Orley
2019Anton, SpencerCEO Compensation in the United States: The Pitfalls of Incentives, Luck, and Corporate ConcentrationAshenfelter, Orley
2001Gallagher, JamesCoaching for the SAT I: Reasoning Test in New Jersey Public SchoolsAshenfelter, Orley
2000Wendler, PhilipA Comparison of Posted-Price and Auction Sale Mechanisms on the InternetAshenfelter, Orley
2013Kleebaum, RobertCONTRACT YEAR PHENOMENON IN THE NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE: Examining Employee Incentives in Professional SportsAshenfelter, Orley
2005Hunt-Dorta, MarylynneCrime Doesn't Pay, but Sentencing Structures Might: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Sentencing Reforms Over the Past Two DecadesAshenfelter, Orley
2004Bruno, SandraThe Daily Struggles of Day Laborers in New Jersey and New York: An Economic StudyAshenfelter, Orley
2005Byrd, Jennifer M.Defending Outsourcing: An Economically Beneficial Strategy Caught in the Midst of Politics and a Unique Economic RecoveryAshenfelter, Orley
2020Levy, BrandonDeferred Dreams: Examining the Effect of Student Loan Debt on American EntrepreneurshipAshenfelter, Orley
2003Stahl, Julia A.Determining the Strength of the Welfare Magnet Effect: Results of a 'Natural Experiment'Ashenfelter, Orley
2011Arhontas, MatthewThe Economic Effects of Military Base Closures on the Surrounding CommunityAshenfelter, Orley