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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2013Bernstein, BennettApplication of Glyme Ether Additives to Ionic Liquid Based Electrolytes for Use With Magnesium-Ion Secondary Battery SystemsArnold, Craig
2007Comis, BryanBiological Laser Printing: A Novel Technique for Laser Printing Mammalian Embryonic Stem CellsArnold, Craig
2020Libsch, XerxesCarly: The Miniature Autonomous Vein Injection RobotArnold, Craig
2016Krasnovsky, Ilya; Principato, EricCloudCraft: Software for Early-Stage Aircraft Design and OptimizationArnold, Craig
2008Lipp, Thomas W.Design and Fabrication of Tunable Acoustic Gradient Index of Refraction LensesArnold, Craig
2019Lisner, JacobDeveloping an Economical Device To Perform Semi Automated VenipunctureArnold, Craig
2016Larkin, KevinDevelopment and Characterization of a Square Tunable Acoustic Gradient Index of Refraction LensArnold, Craig
2020Hughes, Milo; Redd, AndrewDevelopment and Optimization of Ball Bearing Race Geometry and Ferrofluid Pressure Seals for EVA Space SuitsArnold, Craig
2019Kliewer, TannerEMITD3D: A Laser Diode Array Approach to Metal Additive ManufacturingArnold, Craig
2007Genest, Pierre-EtienneExperimental Study of LDW Printing: Effect of the Elasticity of the Donor Substrate on the Deposition ProcessArnold, Craig
2011Yabroudi, SamiExploiting the Inverse Capacity-Rate Relationship in a Stochastic Setting: Control Algorithm Development for Hybrid Energy Storage in Renewable Energy ApplicationsArnold, Craig
2006Weissbard, RonLaser Direct Write Processing of Embedded MicrobatteriesArnold, Craig
2008Iatauro, Heather R.Laser Induced Forward Transfer of Ruthenium Oxide and Nafion for Use in Electrochemical Systems: Optimization of Small-Scale Energy SystemsArnold, Craig
2020Arcot, NinaLaser-based Additive Manufacturing of Lightweight Metal AlloysArnold, Craig
-Liu, XinyiLocalization Phenomenon Due to Mechanically Induced Transport Non-uniformities in Lithium-ion BatteriesArnold, Craig
2008Feliciano, David M.A Mathematical Model of a Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide Electrochemical CapacitorArnold, Craig
2007Rosa, PaulMeasuring the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow: Optimization of the Power Systems in Microscale Transmitters for use in Tracking the Migration of Small AnimalsArnold, Craig
2006Ionescu, LaraModifications of Ti-6A1-4V Surfaces by Direct-Write Laser Machining of Linear GroovesArnold, Craig
2007Ulerich, Joseph P.Multi-Scale Laser Surface Modification of Ti-6A1-4V and its Effect on Cell AdhesionArnold, Craig
2008Cohen, Daniel J.A Novel Laser Transfer Technique for Cellular ManipulationArnold, Craig