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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2005Shum, Anderson Ho CheungAn AFM Study of Adsorbed Surfactant Morphology on Metals: Implications for Corrosion InhibitionAksay, Ilhan A.
1995Mellowes, John W.Amorphous Silica Coatings on lumina and Silicon Nitride ParticlesAksay, Ilhan A.
1997Abes, Jeff I.Atomic Force Microscope LithographyAksay, Ilhan A.
2003Pierre, CynthiaBioinspired Laminated Tabular CompositesAksay, Ilhan A.
2014Bai, VincentCapacitance of aggregated functionalized graphene in supercapacitorsAksay, Ilhan A.
2000Sollazzo, Michael J.Characterization of Double Layer UltracapacitorsAksay, Ilhan A.
2001Jarvis, JessicaThe Characterization of L3 Templated Silica FilmsAksay, Ilhan A.
2014Szamreta, Nicholas J.Dilute Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for High Energy Density SupercapacitorsAksay, Ilhan A.
2000Pagnotto, Michael R.The Effects of Ceramic Implant Pore Size on Osteoblast DevelopmentAksay, Ilhan A.
2015McDonald, Matthew AlexanderElectrically Conductive Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Reinforced Graphene AerogelsAksay, Ilhan A.
2000Mattern, Kristin J.Electrophoretic Assembly of Optically-Modulated Colloidal Single CrystalsAksay, Ilhan A.
2009Ayyangar, Rajiv Paul LoricaEnhancing the Sensitivity of Sensors Using Nanostructured MaterialsAksay, Ilhan A.
2007Kozarsky, RossEnhancing the Sensitivity of Sensors Using Nanostructured Silica CoatingsAksay, Ilhan A.
1995Lettow, John S.Fabrication of Large YBa2Cu3O7-x Single Crystals From MeltsAksay, Ilhan A.
1995Shahid, Dilshad MahrubaFormation of Barium Titanate on Biological and Synthetic ScaffoldingsAksay, Ilhan A.
2013Liu, Yifei MichelleFunctionalized Graphene Based Sensors for Nitric Oxide DetectionAksay, Ilhan A.
2009Oquendo, Alan KennethImparting Multifunctionality Into Polyureas and Polyurethanes by Addition of Functionalized Graphene SheetsAksay, Ilhan A.
1994Keckler, Sata ElizabethIncorporation of Silica Into Wood Cell WallsAksay, Ilhan A.
2007Johnson, AbbyInterface Modification of Functionalized Graphene Sheets in Epoxy CompositesAksay, Ilhan A.
2003Wahl, ChristopherL3-Silica/Polyurethane Thermally Insulating NanocompositeAksay, Ilhan A.