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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Andrews, HudsonThe Effects of Thought Speed on Consumer Purchasing Attitudes and BehaviorPronin, Emily
2017Hallock, MorganExtracurricular Activities and the Classroom: Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Academic Competitiveness and the Relational Effect on Performance and EffortPronin, Emily
2005Gray, Camille A.The Group Target Effect: An Increase in Bias Perception for Targeted GroupsPronin, Emily
2019Tsesarsky, KobiI see, therefore it is: Naïve realism in expert chefsPronin, Emily
2009Contreras, Juan ManuelI Think, Therfore I (Free) Will: The Self-Other Difference in Free Will PerceptionPronin, Emily
2008Arader, Alexandra S.Interpretations of Academic Praise: The Impact of a Professor's Romantic Interest on Women's Self-Esteem and MotivationPronin, Emily
2018Sekhsaria, ShriyaLet’s Start with Forever: Counterintuitive effects of writing and reading own and others’ memoriesPronin, Emily
2009Murphy, Kara VillaManipulating Perceptions of the Future SelfPronin, Emily
2016Crosby, TateNaïve Realism and Musical Preferences: An exploration of the relationship between strength of opinion and perceived objectivityPronin, Emily
2021Gutierrez, CarsonPerceived Objectivity and Political Polarization: Counterintuitive Findings on Naïve Realism, Willingness to Compromise, and Positivity Felt towards the Opposition regarding Political ViewsPronin, Emily
2006Butsch, Sarah M.Perceived Rationality of Terrorists and its Effects on Attitudes toward Combating TerrorismPronin, Emily
2006Shingleton, Rebecca M.Perception, Thought Speed, and Mood: Looking at the Relationship between Accelerated Thinking and Manic-like SymptomsPronin, Emily
2020Morales, JosePlayer/Coach Dilemma: The Effects of Self-Esteem & Naïve Realism on the Internalization and Response to Critical FeedbackPronin, Emily
2017Hernandez, DianaA Prayer for Joy: Written Prayer, Expressive Writing and Depression in EcuadorPronin, Emily
-Blackman, Shane ForteSeeing the Subjective as Objective: Naive Realism in Aesthetic JudgmentsPronin, Emily; Cooper, Joel
2008Jacobs, ElanaSpeed Does Not Mean Ease: Dissociating the Theories of Thought Speed and FluencyPronin, Emily
2009Kende, Daniela KarlaViewer Discretion Advised: Using Reporters to Reassess the Hostile Media PhenomenonPronin, Emily
2021Harisay, JuliaWhat’s the Beef with the Media: The Effects of Social and Traditional Media on Biased Assimilation and Attitude Polarization on the Issue of Livestock Production and Climate ChangePronin, Emily
2006Rodriguez, Sylvia del CarmenWhen a Thought is Just a Thought: Negative Thinking in the Absence of ActionPronin, Emily