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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Mills, Connor MartinBase Towns: Everyday Life In and Around the Garrisons of Postwar Japan, 1945-1954Garon, Sheldon
2020Kamsky, MichaelChina’s Mismanagement of Medical Supply Chains: Analyzing Inefficiencies and Identifying Solutions for the Blood and N95 Mask Supply ChainsGaron, Sheldon
1998Dakin, BrettContinuity and Responsibility: The American Occupation and War Guilt in Postwar Japan The American Occupation and War Guilt in Postwar JapanGaron, Sheldon
2020Sullivan, ChristianControlling the Pacific Air: the United States' Commitment to Air Power and Its Effect on Their Strategic Bombardment of Japan c. 1945Garon, Sheldon
2007Connolly, Caroline-AmiThe Equal Employment Opportunity Law Grows Up: Women, Employment, and Equality in JapanGaron, Sheldon
1995Kovner, SaraThe Gendering of Labor Law in Japan, 1911-1986: the Factory Law, the Labor Standards Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity LawGaron, Sheldon
2021Rich, GabrielleJapan and the Power of Production: Japanese Protectionist Policy Since the Mid-19th CenturyGaron, Sheldon
2019Levy, Sarah“Japan's Best American Friends”: American Protestant Missionaries and the Japan of their Imagination and Writings, 1873-1941Garon, Sheldon
2000Young, Stewart MichaelLooking for Peace in All the Wrong Places: Japanese Diplomacy with the Soviet Union During the Pacific WarGaron, Sheldon
2015Henderson, Kelsey Jennifer"A Matter of the Greatest Urgency": An Evaluation of the Work-Life Balance of Working Women in JapanGaron, Sheldon
-Shirane, SeijiMediated Empire: Colonial Taiwan in Japan's Imperial Expansion in South China and Southeast Asia, 1895-1945Garon, Sheldon; Elman, Benjamin
-Harari, ReutMedicine on the Battlefield: the History of Army Medics in Modern JapanElman, Benjamin; Garon, Sheldon
2002Buzicky, Katharine, TThe Migration of Brazilian Nikkeijin to Japan: Citizenship, Culture and Ethnic IdentityGaron, Sheldon
1999Kelley, Christopher D.The Military Did It Alone: The Misleading Legacy of the International Military Tribunal for the Far EastGaron, Sheldon
2023Jamal, SheherzadA Nationalistic Universalism: The Development of a Philosophy of Civilization in the Writings of Fukuzawa YukichiGaron, Sheldon
1993Kim, Colin T.Opening Up Japan's Rice Market: Breakdown of the Uruguay Round and Japanese IntransigenceGaron, Sheldon
1996Alvarez, Marc IlyasOperation Kingpin: An Examination of the Son Tay Prisoner-of-War Rescue Sortie of 1970Garon, Sheldon
1999Kamikawa, ManamiPanpan Girls: Why They Were Such a ThreatGaron, Sheldon
2019Rivas Rodriguez, Elkhyn"Protectionism Beats Extinction Any Day": Free Trade, Protectionism, and the Late-Twentieth Century U.S.-Japan RelationshipGaron, Sheldon
1996McLane, Douglas WilliamThe Reemergence of the Yakuza In Occupied JapanGaron, Sheldon