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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009On “Weak” and “Strong” Population MomentumEspenshade, Thomas J.; Olgiati, Analia S.; Levin, Simon A.
2003Before and After the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake: Traumatic Events and Depressive Symptoms in an Older PopulationSeplaki, Christopher L.; Goldman, Noreen; Weinstein, Maxine
2006New evidence for protective effects of DHEAS on health among men but not womenGoldman, Noreen; Glei, Dana A.
2008Gorinskie nanaĭt︠s︡y: sistema prirodopolʹzovanii︠a︡ : tradit︠s︡ii i novat︠s︡ii, XIX-nachalo XXI veka : dissertat︠s︡ii︠a︡ na soiskanie uchenoĭ stepeni kandidata istoricheskikh naukMalʹt︠s︡eva, Olʹga Vladimirovna
2002Boys and Girls Educational Opportunities in Thailand: The Effects of Siblings, Migrations, School Proximity, and Village RemotenessCurran, Sara; Chung, Chang; Cadge, Wendy; Varangrat, Anchalee
2002Demography and the Social ContractTienda, Marta
2002Utilization of Care During Pregnancy in Rural Guatemala: Does Obstetrical Need MattersGlei, Dana; Rodriguez, German; Goldman, Noreen
2002Social Ties and Perceived Support: Two Dimensions of Social Relationships and Health Among the Elderly in TaiwanCornman, Jennifer C.; Goldman, Noreen; Glei, Dana A.; Weinstein, Maxine; Chang, Ming-Cheng
2004Variation in Living Environments Among Community-Dwelling EldersSeplaki, Christopher L.; Smith, Maureen A.; Singer, Burton H.
2006A New Source for Land Cover Change Validation: Wal-Mart from SpacePotere, David; Feierabend, Neil; Bright, Eddie; Strahler, Alan