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Mathematics, 1934-2019

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2019Rigorous Ab-Initio Modeling in Microscopy: a fast, stable and provable algorithm to estimate 3D molecular structure from uniformly oriented 2D projection imagesLiu, Changshuo
26-Jul-2019A Kähler Package for GrassmanniansHuang, Bill
26-Jul-2019Two-Dimensional Multi-Target DetectionRukshin, Iris
26-Jul-2019Algorithms for Optimization on Manifolds Using Adaptive Cubic RegularizationZhu, Bryan
26-Jul-2019On Howard's main conjecture and the Heegner point Kolyvagin systemZanarella, Murilo
26-Jul-2019Strategic Signaling in Global Games: An Examination of a Global Game with Potentially Adversarial SignalingYim, Justin
26-Jul-2019Specification of the Dead Parameter Elimination Optimization of the CertiCoq CompilerVassilev, Katja
26-Jul-2019Cohen-Lenstra sums over \(\mathbb{Z}_p[C_p]\)Tyler, Matt
26-Jul-2019Examining Pseudo-Hermitian Transformations of the Heisenberg Group and the Sphere Through Integral GeometryTenev, Helena
26-Jul-2019Communication and Correlated Equilibria in First-Price AuctionsSouth, Caleb
26-Jul-2019The Convergence of a Time-Stepping Scheme for a McKean-Vlasov Equation with Blow-UpsSong, Zhuo Qun
26-Jul-2019A Game of Prones - Cryptocurrency: Past Fraud, Present State, Future Game Theory Model. A report on the legitimate and fraudulent usage of cryptocurrencies within Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as an expanded game theory model for cryptocurrency mining.Pabon, Jose
26-Jul-2019An Everyday Guide to Statistics and Probability: an Expository PerspectiveO'Baker, Austin
26-Jul-2019Communication Complexity With a Prover: Applications to Fine-Grain ComplexityNeyman, Eric
26-Jul-2019Limiting Distribution of the Complex Roots of Random PolynomialsNewman, Heather
26-Jul-20192-Associahedra are Eulerian PosetsMavrides, Dylan
26-Jul-2019Two Types of NothingMateos, Arthur
25-Jul-2019Derivatives of p-adic Siegel Eisenstein series and p-adic degrees of arithmetic cyclesMarks, Samuel
25-Jul-2019The Liouville Property and Regularity of Weak Beltrami FlowsLiu, Stanford
25-Jul-2019An Introduction to the Mapping Class Group and Symplectic Floer HomologyLin, Michael
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 616