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Architecture School, 1968-2017

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Apr-2017MAPPING | MAPPINGPak, Peter
28-Apr-2017Architecture and the Ground: Understanding Architecture in Postwar Japan Through the Ground PlaneGonzalez Medrano, Mariana
27-Apr-2017Patterns of Movement: Temporal & spatial narratives at the scales of Berlin's MuseuminselLoh, Ning
18-May-2017Creation and Renovation: Alignment, Conflicts, and Negotiations between Office Buildings’ Original Aesthetics and Evolving Design ObjectivesYin, Aaron
28-Apr-2017Green Diamonds: Sustainable Aesthetic Design Under PressureMiller, Emily
27-Apr-2017Light and Space: A History & Architectural Analysis of The Room Environment in Contemporary ArtHineman, Haley
25-Apr-2017sensate surfaces: a developmental framework for computational textile application in fashion + architecture and its creation of an interactive surface typologyElbuluk, Hiba
28-Apr-2017Through Jaqueline Tyrwhitt: Hidden Agents in the Making of Modern Architectural HistoryDeng, Zixuan (Sharon)
28-Apr-2017Giving ArchitectureAinslie, Adam
17-May-2017The Metabolic: A Nerve Cell and a MicroprocessorSingletary, Monique
15-Jun-2016Cities of the Outside: An Investigation Into the Importance of African Building and Cultural Practices, Beliefs and Perspectives in the Evolution of the Architecture of the Swahili CoastKizza, Victoria N.
15-Jun-2016Urban Theory in 20th Century America and its Influence on Military Architecture in the Presidio of San Francisco: From Military Base to National ParkFisher, David
15-Jun-2016Choreographing Architecture: The Body and the BuildingYu, Maria
15-Jun-2016A Distant Timber Skyline: An Investigation of Wood as an Integrated Structural and Aesthetic Building MaterialWalter, Alex
15-Jun-2016A Hierarchy of Simultaneous Temporalities: Negotiating Stasis Within an Architecture of Continual TransformationLiu, Jeffrey Zhenhua
15-Jun-2016Education in America: Learning from the CasinoKonttinen, Patrick
15-Jun-2016The Paradox of Sprawl in Los AngelesKuprenas, James Alexander
15-Jun-2016"Where are your waters?": Recontextualizing Sao Paulo's RiversJacques, Angeline
15-Jun-2016Backyard Forgotten, Terrain Vague: The Present and Future Development of the Eleonas of Athens, GreeceHamel, William Luke
15-Jun-2016Clean Resources, Old Land, and New Typologies: Adapting Urban Planning to New Opportunities for Solar, Wind and Geothermal PowerBole, Sandy
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1030