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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 1924-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2018Distributed Control of Rigid Body Attitude KinematicsRomer, Matthew
20-Aug-2018Tiger Power: An Electrical Power System for Princeton’s First CubeSatScerbo, Mark
20-Aug-2018On the Efficacy and Accuracy of Models for Large Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Premixed CombustionShende, Omkar
20-Aug-2018Aquaticopter: An Underwater and Aerial VehicleCarbonatto-Bowkett, Daniel
20-Aug-2018Z-Beam Composite Stiffened Panel Manufacturing MethodsTambellini, Louis
20-Aug-2018A Solid Mechanics-Informed Continuum Model Approach to Phase Engineering Bendable Group VI Transition Metal Dichalcogenide MonolayersMulderrig, Jason
20-Aug-2018The Effects of Cycling and Storage Conditions on Li-Ion Battery Health, Rate Capability, and RecyclabilityFair, Tommy
20-Aug-2018A Large Eddy Simulation Study of the Flame Structures of Piloted Turbulent Dimethyl Ether FlamesLo, La Lee
20-Aug-2018Imaging basic structures using experimental ultrasonic methods coupled with waveform inversion techniquesRaja, Amir
20-Aug-2018Solid-State Microengines for Efficient and High-Endurance PerformanceGhoshal, Ankita
20-Aug-2018Regrounding Contemporary Rammed-Earth SystemsPoirier, Brian
20-Aug-2018Applications of Data Science to ElectrochemistryKhan, Mobasher
20-Aug-2018Design, Construction, and Supersonic Wind Tunnel Testing of an Aerospike Rocket NozzleCleff, Isabel
20-Aug-2018Analysis of Dendrite Growth in Secondary Zinc Cells via EIS AnalysisIyer, Gokulanand
20-Aug-2018Design, Development, and Construction of a Biologically Inspired Sensing System for Real Time Flow VisualizationPacini, Bernardo
20-Aug-2018Precision-Actuated Kinematic Mount Design for a Balloon-borne Three Mirror AnastigmatHartsough, Devon
20-Aug-2018Design and Implementation of an Actuated Probe Suite for an Orificed Hollow CathodeBrown, Jordan
20-Aug-2018Assessment of a Wireless Accelerometer System for Tracking Asymmetries in GaitMiller, Delaney
20-Aug-2018Implicit Large Eddy Simulations of a Large-Radius Leading Edge VFE-2 Delta WingDzanic, Tarik
20-Aug-2018Pool School: Color-based Object Tracking and Shot Prediction as a Learning Tool in BilliardsJones, Jacqueline
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 701