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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019New constraints on the axion's coupling to nucleons from a Spin Mass Interaction Limiting Experiment (SMILE)Lee, Junyi
2019Visualizing emergent phenomena in quantum materials: from Majorana zero mode to many-body correlationsXie, Yonglong
2019Imaging Quantum Hall Wavefunctions With A Scanning Tunneling Microscope: From Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking To Interacting Domain Boundary ModesRanderia, Mallika
2019Observation of Higgs boson decay to bottom quarksCooperstein, Stephane
2019Berry phase in composite Fermi liquidsWang, Jie
2019Discovery of Magnetic Topological CrystalsBelopolski, Ilya
2019Improving Quantum Hardware: Building New Superconducting Qubits and CouplersHazard, Thomas
2019Topological Phases, Entanglement and Boson CondensationHe, Huan City
2019The mechanical basis of Myxococcus xanthus self-organization and motility: from single cells to collective behaviorLiu, Guannan
2019High Pressure Superionic Ice Phase DiagramSun, Jiming
2018Developing Ultra-low Background Sodium-Iodide Crystal Detector for Dark Matter SearchesSuerfu, FNU
2018Higher Spin Operators in Conformal Field TheoriesKirilin, Vladimir
2018Exploring attractively interacting fermions in 2D using a quantum gas microscopeMitra, Debayan
2018Single Electron Spin Qubits in Silicon Quantum DotsZajac, David
2018Symmetries, Anomalies and Duality in Chern-Simons Matter TheoriesHsin, Po-Shen
2018Optimization of Mutual Information in Learning: Explorations in ScienceStrouse, Daniel
2018Probability, Entropy, and Adaptive Immune System RepertoiresSethna, Zachary Michael
2018Cherenkov Related Backgrounds in the DarkSide-50 ExperimentXiang, Xin
2018Extragalactic Searches for Dark Matter AnnihilationMishra-Sharma, Siddharth
2018In Search of Inflation: Tools for Cosmic Microwave Background PolarimetryCrowley, Kevin
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 146