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Electrical Engineering

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Cancer Dynamics under a Chemotherapeutic Stress Gradient Using a Microfluidic in vitro Tumor EnvironmentLin, Ke-Chih
2019Organic Photovoltaics Using Multiple Exciton EffectsLin, YunHui Lisa
2019Dynamics and Operations of Photonic NeuronsNahmias, Mitchell Aaron
2019Heterogeneous Monolithic 3D and FinFET Architectures for Energy-efficient ComputingYu, Ye
2019II-VI and II-VI/III-V Materials-Based Intersubband DevicesKaya, Yasin
2019Noninvasive glucose monitoring: New opportunities opened by mid-infrared quantum cascade laser spectroscopyWerth, Alexandra Margot
2019TiO2 and NiO:Cu Carrier-Selective Barrier Layers for Heterojunction Solar CellsBerg, Alexander Hillel Klaimitz
2019Overcoming the Limitations of Accelerator-Centric Architectures with Memoization-Driven SpecializationFuchs, Adi
2019Effective and Efficient Forensic Analysis via System MonitoringGao, Peng
2019Physics, Chemistry and Optimization of Perovskite Light Emitting DiodesZhao, Lianfeng
2019Integrated mid-infrared photonics: From quantum cascade lasers to suspended silicon-on-insulator waveguidesSadeghi, Arash
2019Lattices in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: A Platform for Nonequilibrium Quantum SimulationFitzpatrick, Mattias Van Wesep
2019Interface Energetics: The key to efficient organic and perovskite solar cellsEndres, James John
2019Chemistry of Lead Halide Perovskites: Aspects of Solution-Gelation and Acid-Base Reactions with Aliphatic AminesKerner, Ross
2019Rethinking the Science of Statistical PrivacyLiu, Changchang
2019Exploring Mixed-signal Computation for Energy Aggressive Interface ArchitecturesZhang, Jintao
2019Large-scale Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Clinical Decision SupportCheng, Li-Fang
2019User Authentication and Security Vulnerabilities Using Smartphone Sensors and Machine LearningLee, Wei-Han
2018Development and Characterization of Low-Disorder Metal-Oxide-Silicon Quantum Dot DevicesKim, Jin-Sung
2018Interacting Bilayer Electron SystemDeng, Hao
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 197