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English, 1925-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2018A Crisis of Representation: The Binary Portrayal of Refugees in Media and PoliticsPauchet, Madeleine
7-Aug-2018The Case for Granting Refugee Status to Black Americans: Dispelling the Legal Narrative of Progress and Examining the Literary Narrative of Repetition from 1830-PresentSaltzman, Kathryn
7-Aug-2018Collective Memory and Expressions of Trauma: Using Literature to Inform Lessons on Empathy in the HomeWorks Trenton CurriculumTung, Natalie
7-Aug-2018Experience: A Broken PromiseLaubach, Megan
7-Aug-2018Shakespeare’s Neglected Queens: A Reconsideration of the Minor Queens in Richard II, Richard III, and Henry VIIIZeng, Regina
7-Aug-2018The Family Letters of Sylvia Beach: A Mother's Life, World War I, and Opening of a BookshopWang, Jasmine
7-Aug-2018Adventure's Trinity in Tolkien's Trilogy: The Shifting Foci of Adventure TalesRios, John
7-Aug-2018“A Great Age of Translation”: Ezra Pound, 李白, 王维, 枚乘 and the Images That Bind ThemNowicki, Mark
7-Aug-2018It's Funny What You Don't Recall: A Literary Genealogy of Infinite JestVerney, Samuel
7-Aug-2018The Waste Land, "Howl," and The Crying of Lot 49: Making (and Escaping) Myth and Meaning in the Modern WorldSmith, Julia
7-Aug-2018The Red-Light DistrictNwabueze, Ugonna
7-Aug-2018BeginningsWeintraub, Lydia
7-Aug-2018Narratives of Refugee Children: Comparing Essay and MemoirRenuart, Melinda
7-Aug-2018Robin Hood: How a Hero Changes Over 700 YearsRuybalid, Nick
7-Aug-2018A Tourist In Lavender: a screenplayRomero, Kevin
7-Aug-2018"The boundaries of our country, sir?": Using the Myth of the American Road to Explore Family Boundaries in American Gods, Supernatural, and The RoadReed, Jessica
7-Aug-2018Between Homelands: The Refugee in Twenty-First Century British NovelsWicki, Olivia
7-Aug-2018Whither Greece? Phantoms, Fables, and PhotographySilverstein, Kevin
7-Aug-2018A Summer of Dark and Stormy Nights: How the Weather of 1816 Birthed the Iconic Cultural Monstrosities of Shelley's Frankenstein and Stoker's DraculaMirabella, Megan
7-Aug-2018Upending the Classical Hollywood Formula, Illuminating Blackness and Averting the Male Gaze in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994)Melancon, Chance
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6996