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Computer Science, 1988-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2018Building and Evaluating a Heterogeneous ISA Multiprocessor System Utilizing the OpenPiton FrameworkLim, Katie
14-Aug-2018Multi-Instrument Partitioning & Identification with Harmonic AmplitudeChou, Jesse
14-Aug-2018No Such Thing as a Free App: Understanding User Perceptions of Privacy and Security around Zero-Rated Apps in South AfricaCohen, Ben
14-Aug-2018A Computational Pathway for Identifying Metabolites Relevant to Cancer Development: New Methods Incorporating Protein Structure and DiffMutBerman, Adam
14-Aug-2018Empirically Studying Research Ethics with Interface Designs for Debriefing Online Field ExperimentsZong, Jonathan
14-Aug-2018Network Analysis of Genome-wide Association Studies of Psychiatric DisordersSymanovich, Mikaela
14-Aug-2018Automatic Cinematography using Pans and Cuts in 360-Degree VideoHamburger, Mitchell
14-Aug-2018Learning the Schematic Structure of a World: Contextual Understanding of Stochastically Generated Stories in Neural NetworksChen, Cathy
14-Aug-2018Single Cell DNA Sequencing SimulatorViswanathan, Ambika
14-Aug-2018Detecting Violations of Service-Level Agreements in Programmable SwitchesLee, Mack
14-Aug-2018It’s a Dupe: High-End Cosmetics for Less with Product NamedEntity Recognition of Scraped Web PagesHuang, Betty
14-Aug-2018Impact of Remote Sensing Domain Knowledge on Satellite Imagery Classification of the Amazon RainforestZeng, Lindy
14-Aug-2018TouchBlockly: A Tactile Programming Language Based on Free-Form GesturesLindfield Roberts, Fabian
14-Aug-2018r-CNN Model for Traffic Sign Detection and RecognitionDenis, Jelani
14-Aug-2018“Senator, We Run Ads”: Understanding Users Through Targeted AdvertisementsSrivatsan, Bharath
14-Aug-2018Similarity-Induced Embeddings for ClassificationQi, Di
14-Aug-2018Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Visualize Political Bias in News MediaMehta, Divya
14-Aug-2018Medium For Visualization of Competitive e-Sports StatisticsChen, Zhan
14-Aug-2018Learn Fast or Multitask Well: First Steps towards a Normative Theory of MultitaskingSagiv, Yotam
14-Aug-2018A Diachronic Contextual Analysis of Greek Word Naturalized by CiceroWojak, Alexa
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 569