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Spherical Torus

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Real-time capable modeling of neutral beam injection on NSTX-U using neural networksBoyer, M.D.; Kaye, S.; Erickson, K.
Feb-2019Application of transient CHI plasma startup to future ST and AT devicesHammond, K.C.; Raman, R.; Jardin, S.C.
Jan-2019Study of the impact of pre- and real-time deposition of lithium on plasma performance on NSTXCanal, G.P.; Maingi, R.; Evans, T.E.; Kaye, S.M.; Mansfield, D.K.
Dec-2018Compact steady-state tokamak performance dependence on magnet and core physics limitsMenard, J.E.
Nov-2018Electromagnetic Particle Injector for Fast Time Response Disruption Mitigation in TokamaksRaman, R.; Lay, W.-S.; Jarboe, T.R.; Menard, J.E.; Ono, M.
Oct-2018ELM frequency enhancement and discharge modification through lithium granule injection into EAST H-modesLunsford; Hsu, J.S.; Sun, Z.; Maingi, R.; Mansfield, D.K.; Xu, W.; Zuo, G.Z.; Huang, M.; Diallo, A.; Osborne, T.; Tritz, K.; Canik, J.; Meng, X.C.; Gong, X.Z.; Wan, B.N.; Li, J.G.; EAST Team
Oct-2018Elemental and topographical imaging of microscopic variations in deposition on NSTX-U and DIII-D samplesSkinner, C.H.; Chrobak, C.P.; Kaita, R.; Koel, B.E.
Oct-2018Two-dimensional full-wave simulations of waves in space and tokamak plasmasKim, E.-W.; Bertelli, N.; Johnson, J.R.; Valeo, E.; Hosea, J.; Perkins, R.
Jul-2018Modeling of a Laser-Induced Rydberg Spectroscopy diagnostic for Direct Measurement of the Local Electric Field in the Edge Region of NSTX/NSTX-UReymond, L.; Diallo, A.; Vekselman, V.
Jun-2018On the scattering correction of fast-ion D-alpha signal on NSTX-UHao, G.Z; Heidbrink, W.W.; Liu, D.; Stagner, L.; Podesta, M.; Bortolon, A.
Jun-2018Regarding the optimization of O1-mode ECRH and the feasibility of EBW startup on NSTX-ULopez, N; Poli, F
Jul-2018Blob-hole correlation model for edge turbulence and comparisons with NSTX GPI dataMyra, J.R.; Zweben, S.J.; Russell, D.A.
Feb-2018Electron-density-sensitive Line Ratios of Fe XIII--XVI from Laboratory Sources Compared to CHIANTIWeller, M.E.; Beiersdorfer, P.; Soukhanovskii, V.A.; Scotti, F.; LeBlanc, B.P.
Apr-2018Scenario Development During Commissioning Operations on the National Spherical Torus Experiment UpgradeBattaglia, D.J.; Boyer, M.D.; Gerhardt, S.; Mueller, D.; Myers, C.E.; Guttenfelder, W.; Menard, J.E.; Sabbagh, S.A.; Scotti, F.; Bedoya, F.; Bell, R.E.; Berkery, J.W.; Diallo, A.; Ferraro, N.; Jaworski, M.A.; Kaye, S.M.; LeBlanc, B.P.; Ono, M.; Park, J.-K.; Podesta, M.; Raman, R.; Soukhanovskii, V.A.
Mar-2018Plasma boundary shape control and real-time equilibrium reconstruction on NSTX-UBoyer, M.; Battaglia, D.; Mueller, D.; Eidietis, N.; Erickson, K.; Ferron, J.; Gates, D.; Gerhardt, S.; Johnson, R.; Kolemen, E.; Menard, J.; Myers, C.; Sabbagh, S.; Scotti, F.; Vail, P.
Dec-2017ELM-free and inter-ELM divertor heat flux broadening induced by Edge Harmonics Oscillation in NSTXGan, K.; Ahn, J.-W.; Gray, T.K.; Zweben, S.J.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Scotti, F.; Maingi, R.; Park, J.-K.; Canal, G.P.; Soukhanovskii, V.A.; McLean, A.G.; Wirth, B.D.
Dec-2017Injected mass deposition thresholds for lithium granule instigated triggering of edge localized modes on EASTLunsford, R.; Sun, Z.; Maingi, R.; Hu, J.S.; Mansfield, D.; Xu, W.; Zuo, G.Z.; Diallo, A.; Osborne, T.; Tritz, K.; Canik, J.; Huang, M.; Meng, X.C.; Gong, X.Z.; Wan, B.N.; Li, J.G.
Dec-2017Energetic-particle-modified global Alfven eigenmodesLestz, J.B.; Belova, E.V.; Gorelenkov, N.N.
Dec-2017ELM elimination with Li powder injection in EAST discharges using the tungsten upper divertorMaingi, R.; Hu, J.S.; Sun, Z.; Tritz, K.; Zuo, G.Z.; Xu, W.; Huang, M.; Meng, X.C.; Canik, J.M.; Diallo, A.; Lunsford, R.; Mansfield, D.K.; Osborne, T.H.; Gong, X.Z.; Wang, Y.F.; Li, Y.Y.
Nov-2017Plasma measurements of the Fe XVII L-shell emission and blending with F VIII and F IXBeiersdorfer, P.; Lepson, J.K.; Gu, M.F.; Bitter, M.
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 76