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Title: Horseradish Peroxidase as a Model System for Biologics Encapsulation: A Formulation and Activity Survey
Authors: Thompson, Alex
Advisors: Prud'homme, Robert K
Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Certificate Program: Neuroscience Program
Class Year: 2018
Abstract: Biotechnology has produced new therapeutics and diagnostics that have drastically altered the way we approach disease treatment. Traditional small molecule drugs are being eclipsed by biologics, a class of therapeutics consisting of proteins and peptides. Biologics, however, come with a series of challenges to drug delivery associated with their structure. Researchers in the Prud’homme lab have developed a scalable technique, inverted Flash NanoPrecipitation (iFNP), which addresses these challenges. iFNP produces nanoparticles containing a hydrophilic core, suitable to encapsulate biologics. The particles are formed through a process in which streams are rapidly combined in a confined geometry. One process hurdle is that the required use of organic solvents can lead to protein inactivation. To address this, we have developed techniques to stabilize protein during the iFNP process and assess structural changes after completing the process. Using a model enzyme, we were able to develop two formulations using different iFNP techniques to form stable particles encapsulating the enzyme. Active protein was recovered after the iFNP process, indicating the ability of this enzyme’s structure to withstand the exposure to organic solvent required in iFNP.
Type of Material: Princeton University Senior Theses
Language: en
Appears in Collections:Chemical and Biological Engineering, 1931-2018

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