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Psychology, 1930-2019

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2019The neural mechanisms supporting habituation to audiovisual association in infants: An fNIRS and looking time studyWang, Alice
19-Aug-2019Looking for Mr. Right or Mr. He’ll Do?: The Impact of Single Stigma on Relationship AttitudesPrasad, Simi
19-Aug-2019Too Good to be True: Reevaluating the Role of Posed Stimuli in Emotion Recognition Tasks Using a High Frame Rate Database of Spontaneous and Posed Facial ExpressionsZhou, Jessica
19-Aug-2019With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power: Effects of Construal of Power as Responsibility Versus Opportunity on Ethical Decision MakingYashgur, Eliana
19-Aug-2019Approach Not Avoid: Validation of Data-Driven Computational Models of Trustworthiness Unconfounded by AttractivenessWedel, Nicole
19-Aug-2019I see, therefore it is: Naïve realism in expert chefsTsesarsky, Kobi
19-Aug-2019Warmth and Competence: Primary Social Dimensions Involved in Face-Based Impressions of PhysiciansTang, Victoria
19-Aug-2019Contextual Cueing of Visual Search Tasks: The Elicitation of Implicit Memories in Observer Performance StudiesSmith, Samantha
19-Aug-2019Diversity and Inclusion: The Effect of a School’s Emphasis on Diversity on Feelings of Belonging and Inclusion Among Ethnic and Racial Minority StudentsScott, Lindsey
19-Aug-2019Don't Drink The Water: Thoughts of Exposure to Lead Contaminated Drinking Water Increases StressSchneider, TC
19-Aug-2019Music's Effects on Time Discounting and Risk PreferencesSantos, Alex
19-Aug-2019The Mental Paradox:Psychosocial Interventions and their Efficacy in the Treatment of Stress in STD-Infected PersonsPercival Jr., Joseph
19-Aug-2019Think Big: Counteracting Academic Stereotype Threat via Self-Affirmation and High Construal Level ThoughtPaynter, Hannah
19-Aug-2019Dogs Equal Happiness: A Look at the Effect of Dogs on Stress and Depression LevelsPayne, Matthew
19-Aug-2019Two Sides of the Same Coin: Toward the Push/Pull Model of Relationship MarketingPalmer, Jim
19-Aug-2019The Bilingual Language Learning Experience: An Investigation of the One-Parent-One-Language Strategy in Bilingual ToddlersOrtiz, Diana
19-Aug-2019Perceptions on Working Women and Mothers: Interactions among Motherhood, Perspective, and Job StereotypicalityO'Brien, Kate
19-Aug-2019Exploring the Psychology Behind the STEM Gender Gap: Correlations Among Mindset, Math Anxiety, and Stereotypical Beliefs About WomenNotaras, Charlotte
19-Aug-2019Thinking About Weight: Growth vs Fixed Weight Mindsets in Perceptions of Overweight IndividualsMoise, Ced
19-Aug-2019Navigating Through the Noise: Infants’ Ability to Associate Language with SpeakerMarayati, Naoum Fares
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3399