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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2017Fracture aperture maps used to study reactive transport, channelization, and permeability evolution in carbonate rocks.Peters, Catherine
Sep-2016Hurricane Sandy’s flood frequency increasing from year 1800 to 2100Lin, Ning; Kopp, Robert; Horton, Benjamin; Donnelly, Jeffrey
5-Jun-2014Basin-Scale Leakage Risks from Geologic Carbon Sequestration: Impact on Carbon Capture and Storage Energy Market Competitiveness-
7-Mar-2014Complete Dataset for Williams Site Pore Water Chemistry, March 2011 - April 2012-
15-Sep-2011Cap rock fracturing criteria for assessment of CO2 storage capacityCuisiat, Fabrice
14-Jul-2011PhD Dissertation - Safety and Water Challenges in CCS: Modeling Studies to Quantify CO2 and Brine Leakage Risk and Evaluate Promising Synergies for Active and Integrated Water ManagementCourt, Benjamin
8-Jul-2011Modeling Options to Answer Practical Questions for CO2 Sequestration OperationsCourt, Benjamin; Celia, Michael; Nordbotten, Jan; Dobossy, Mark; Elliot, Thomas; Bandilla, Karl
12-Aug-2010Geological Storage as a Carbon Mitigation Option (The Darcy Lecture)Celia, Michael A.
12-Aug-2010Hydraulic Controls on Injection of Carbon Dioxide into Deep Saline AquifersGuswa, Andrew J.; Celia, Michael A.
12-Aug-2010Numerical Models for Evaluating CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers: Leaky Wells and Large-scale Geological FeaturesGasda, Sarah E.
12-Aug-2010Development and Application of a Multi-scale, Multi-layer Numerical Model for CO2 InjectionJanzen, Adam
13-May-2010Mathematical Analysis of Similarity Solutions for Modelling Injection of CO2 into AquifersSandvin, Andreas
13-May-2010Vertically Averaged Models for CO2 Storage in Porous MediaHammer, Andreas
13-May-2010Streamline methods for parabolic differential equationsHafver, Jørn
13-May-2010CO2 trapping in sloping aqiufers: High resolution numerical simulationsElenius, Maria; Tchelepi, Hamdi; Johannsen, Klaus
13-May-2010Impact of geological heterogeneity on early-stage CO2 plume migrationAshraf, Meisam; Lie, Knut-Andreas; Nilsen, Halvor M.; Nordbotten, Jan M.; Skorstad, Arne
10-May-2010Impact of capillary forces on large-scale migration of CO2Nordbotten, Jan M.; Dahle, Helge K.
10-May-2010Summary of Princeton Workshop on Geological Storage of CO2Celia, Michael A.; Nordbotten, Jan M.; Bachu, Stefan; Kavetski, Dmitri; Gasda, Sarah
10-May-2010A model-oriented benchmark problem for CO2 storageDahle, Helge K.; Eigestad, Geir T.; Nordbotten, Jan M.; Pruess, K.
10-May-2010Report from CO2 storage workshopDahle, Helge K.; Lien, Martha; Nordbotten, Jan M.; Lie, Knut-Andreas; Braathen, Alvar; Helmig, Rainer; Class, Holger; Celia, Michael A.
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22