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German, 1958-2017

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2017A European Crusade: An Analysis of the Saxon Wars and Charlemagne's Efforts to Christianize the Pagan Tribes of Medieval GermanyKnight, Jackson
12-Apr-2017Lifting the Veil of Phantasmagoria: Berliner Kindheit um neunzehnhundert as a Guide for the Critical ReaderNuckols, Chad
12-Apr-2017Criminal Chronotopes: The Effect of Crime on Narrative StructureCasserley, Isabel
12-Apr-2017War is Not an Earthquake: Capitalism, Virtue, and Resistance in Mother Courage and her ChildrenBaker, Charles
16-Jun-2016Heidegger's Concept of WorldTuckwell, Richard
14-Jun-2016“Auf die Art und Weise kommt alles an” Approaching a Walserian Ethic in Jakob von GuntenNelson, Andrew
14-Jun-2016Degenerate Aesthetics: A Critical Examination of the Discourse of Degeneracy from Entartung to Entartete KunstSmith, T. J.
14-Jun-2016A Modern Art of Education and the Education of Modern Artists: Comparing Waldorf and Bauhaus PedagogiesAlbarran, Eleanor
14-Jun-2016Die Flucht in den Rausch: Das Problem des Gehirnprinzips in Gottfried Benns Rönne-NovellenMorris, Colby
8-Jun-2015“Die Zeichen meines Morgens”: A Heliographic Account of Nietzsche’s ZarathustraO'Neil, Cody
8-Jun-2015Er hat es nicht angenommen: Karl Jaspers’ Metaphysical Guilt and Germany’s Modern SonderwegMooney, Philip
8-Jun-2015In-Betweens In Middle High German Arthurian RomanceVeltri, Gerardo
8-Jun-2015The Idea of Integration: The Naturalisation of Middle Eastern Immigrants in GermanyYuen, Hoi Ki
8-Jun-2015"Hear Yourself as Others Hear You" On the Aesthetic Politics of Gramophonic Self-RecordingPinkerton, Byrd
8-Jun-2015Eros, Mythology, Subjectivity: Topoi in Hölderlin’s Early OdesAupiais, Juan-Jacques
2005Bodies, Rooms and das Nichts: Toward a Post-Nietzschean Modernity of Opposition and EmptinessGood, Benjamin R.
1992Black Germany: People of African Descent in the Federal Republic of Germany 1973-1991Burrows, Charlotte Argretta
1990Between Two Worlds: "Mischlinge" in Nazi GermanyNiemann, Michael Louis
1959Bertolt Brecht as a MoralistCalder, Donald Grant
1991Berlin's Mauerkrankheit: Literary Expression of Berlin Wall PsychologyCalkosz, Christian A
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 244