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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 1992-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Aug-2018A Phenotypic Assay and Genome-Wide Association Study of the foraging gene (for) in Drosophila melanogasterSwartwout, Erica
3-Aug-2018The Birds of the GodsPaulson, William
3-Aug-2018The Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on the Golden-Brown Mouse Lemur (Microcebus ravelobensis) in the Mahamavo Forest Region, MadagascarParker, Quinn
3-Aug-2018Antennal Lobe Comparison in Anthropophagic and Zoophilic MosquitoesSalmons, Andrew
3-Aug-2018Reading Between the Lines: Zebra stripes’ Adaptive Function in Anti-Parasite Defenses and ThermoregulationReisinger, Lily
3-Aug-2018Genetic Variation of Guide Dogs: Exploring Insertion Dynamics of Transposable Elements Associated with HypersociabilityPapa, Larkin
3-Aug-2018The Coinfection Of Two Morphotypes Of A Baculovirus In The Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth And The Mechanisms That Allow For This Viral CoexistenceWeledji, Tia
3-Aug-2018Understanding the Cardiovascular Risks of Inhaling Particulate Matter: A Study of Air Pollution and Three Occupational HazardsPan, Daniel
3-Aug-2018Effects of Group Perturbation on Herd Dynamics in the Domestic Horse (Equus caballus)Velitskaya, Mayya
3-Aug-2018From Statistic to Holistic: An Analysis of Measles Elimination in Sindh, Pakistan Based on 2017 Infection Dynamics and Professional OpinionKhan, Rabia
3-Aug-2018Characterizing and Mitigating Elephant Crop Raiding as a Form of Human-Wildlife Conflict in the Border Communities of Gorongosa National ParkReynolds, Alana
3-Aug-2018Bad Things Come in Threes: Childhood Malnourishment, Intestinal Worm Burden, and Vitamin A Deficiency in Northeastern IndiaStella, Beth
3-Aug-2018Using Artificial Reef Systems to Push Recovery of Diadema antillarum and Coral Reefs in the CaribbeanOkubo, Corey
3-Aug-2018Does the Early Bird Really Get the Worm? Evaluation of Spring Arrival Dates of North American Warblers 1907 vs. 2007–2016Charles, Mitchel
3-Aug-2018A Modeling Approach to Examining the Effect of Viruses on Marine Bacterial Populations in Different Nutrient-limited EnvironmentsPourtois, Julie
3-Aug-2018Implications of Canine Population Dynamics on Rabies Control in Madagascan RainforestsYang, Annie
3-Aug-2018WORMS VS BACTERIA: Investigating Whether Soil Transmitted Helminths Protect Against Diarrhea Inducing Bacteria in Rural Populations of Ranomafana, MadagascarNoble, Kathleen
3-Aug-2018Persistent Predation, Declining Rugosity, and Spiny Lobsters: Learning More about the Keystone Urchin Species, Diadema antillarum.Temple, Lindsay
3-Aug-2018A Spatially Explicit Fishing Simulation: A Theoretical Assessment of Overexploitation and Fishermen's Ecological KnowledgeSherman, Sam
3-Aug-2018Investigating Olfactory Preferences in Aedes aegypti aegypti and Aedes aegypti formosus through Olfactometer Trials: A Display of Different Preferences for Individual Human Odors across Mosquito SubspeciesMihalopoulos, Meredith
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1199