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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 1992-2019

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2019Neural Representations of Acoustic Communication and its Evolution in DrosophilaPalmedo, Sage
25-Jul-2019The Fetus, the Host, and the Nematode: Interactions between Nematode Infection and Reproduction in Peromyscus miceEzeonu, Teeto
25-Jul-2019Characterizing the Gut Microbiome of African Mammals across Geographic VariationDemmel, Megan
25-Jul-2019The Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Infectious Disease Incidence and Public Health Infrastructure in MadagascarMalik, Maria
25-Jul-2019Food, Glorious Food: Implications of Food Security through a Comparative Analysis of Convention and Organic Farming Methods in Princeton TownshipPinnock, Josephine
25-Jul-2019Cooperative Breeding Under Climatic Variability: population-level impacts of skipping breeding in the Greater Ani (Crotophaga major), a neotropical long-lived cuckooSmart, Zachariah
25-Jul-2019Improving Urban Agriculture and Nutrition in the Anthropocene: A Comparison of Crop Quality in Organic and Vertical FarmsAkiti, Korlekuor
25-Jul-2019The Impact of Acroporidae Coral Restoration on Reef Ecology and Functionality in the CaribbeanAmokwandoh, Amo
25-Jul-2019The Effects of Global Climate Change on Water-related Disease EcologyRusso, Anna
25-Jul-2019Medicinal Plants and Clinics in Laikipia County, Kenya: An Analysis of Medical Resources and Treatment Mechanism DeterminantsBonnet, Carly
25-Jul-2019Taking a Shot at Measles Elimination: Measles Dynamics and Control by Vaccination in Philippine National Epidemics from 2008 to 2017Victoriano, Danielle
25-Jul-2019Reducing land-use conflict: impacts of leasing arrangements on livestock and rangelands in Laikipia, KenyaZhang, Joanna
25-Jul-2019Evaluating 3D Modeling as a Novel Method for Measuring Structural Complexity in Caribbean Coral ReefsZhang, Karen
25-Jul-2019Watching Grass Grow: The Impact of Mangrove Degradation and Decoupling on Nearby Seagrass ProductivityWoolford, Katherine
25-Jul-2019I Like to Move It, Move It: Population Dynamics of Malagasy Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) and Implications for Rabies Control in MadagascarWilkinson, Riley
25-Jul-2019The Effect of Epigenetic Variation on Vaccine Efficacy in Santa Catalina Island FoxesWalkup, Mikaela
25-Jul-2019Foraging Behavior in Peromyscus leucopus Infected with Gastrointestinal ParasitesVolpe, Lena
25-Jul-2019UHURU Revisited: A 2019 Assessment on the Impact of Large Mammalian Herbivore Removal Across a Rainfall Gradient in KenyaTokarska, Maria
25-Jul-2019The Major Factors Driving Global Antibiotic Consumption: A Quantitative Analysis of the Leading Determinants from 2000 to 2015Sklaver, Caroline
25-Jul-2019Dung Avoidance in Zebra: The Trade-off between Nutritional Advantages and Parasitic RisksSilveira, Sebastian
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1257