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Monographic reports and papers (Publicly Accessible)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019The 911 call processing system: A review of the literature as it relates to policingNeusteter, S. Rebecca; Mapolski, Maris; Khogali, Mawia; O'Toole, Megan
Oct-2018The model police officer: Recruitment, training, and community engagementInternational City/County Management Association; Vera Institute of Justice
Oct-2019Crisis response services for people with mental illnesses or intellectual and developmental disabilities: A review of the literature on police-based and other first response modelsWatson, Amy C.; Compton, Michael T.; Pope, Leah G.
Feb-2020Opening the door to healing: Reaching and serving crime victims who have a history of incarcerationHastings, Allison; Kall, Kaitlin
Jan-2019Investing in futures: Economic and fiscal benefits of postsecondary education in prisonOakford, Patrick; Brumfield, Cara; Goldvale, Casey; diZerega, Margaret; Patrick, Fred
May-2019Unlocking potential: Pathways from prison to postsecondary educationDelaney, Ruth; Patrick, Fred; Boldin, Alex
Jul-2019A piece of the puzzle: State financial aid for incarcerated studentsHobby, Lauren; Walsh, Brian; Delaney, Ruth
24-Mar-2020Guidance for preventive and responsive measures to coronavirus for youth agenciesVera Institute of Justice
Dec-2007Special education funding in New Jersey: A policy analysisKolbe, Tammy; McLaughlin, Margaret J.; Mason, Loretta M.
May-2007Abbott student attending charter schools: Funding disparities and legal implicationsBulkley, Katrina
Mar-2014Linking standards to resources: New Jersey's School Funding Reform Act of 2008Education Law Center
Jul-2014Shortchanging New Jersey students: How inadequate funding has led to reduced staff and growing disparities in the state’s public schoolsWeber, Mark
Apr-2020Second Chance Pell: A snapshot of the first three yearsDelaney, Ruth; Montagnet, Chase
Aug-2019Gatekeepers: The role of police in ending mass incarcerationNeusteter, S. Rebecca; Subramanian, Ram; Trone, Jennifer; Khogali, Mowia; Reed, Cindy
24-Mar-2020Guidance for preventive and responsive measures to coronavirus for rural justice systemsVera Institute of Justice
Jul-2016Making the grade Developing quality postsecondary education programs in prisonDelaney, Ruth; Subramanian, Ram; Patrick, Fred
Apr-2020Lessons from Second Chance Pell: A Toolkit for Helping Incarcerated Students Complete the Free Application for Federal Student AidWachendorfer, Allan; Budke, Michael
Sep-2015Understanding New Jersey's school funding formula: The role of adjustment aidFarrie, Danielle; Luhm, Theresa; Johnson, Monete
Nov-2015Newark Public Schools: Budget impacts of underfunding and rapid charter growthFarrie, Danielle; Johnson, Monete
Sep-2010Is school funding fair? A national report card [first edition]Baker, Bruce D.; Sciarra, David G.; Farrie, Danielle
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 958