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Near Eastern Studies, 1969-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2018Little Sparta: Emirati Foreign Policy and the Yemeni Civil War 2015-2018Ozias, Coy
16-Aug-2018“By Nobility Of Heart, Probity, and Wisdom, We Will Save Algeria”: Music As A Site Of Contestation Between The French Civilizing Mission and Algerian NationalismBlair, Samone
16-Aug-2018INTERPRETERS AND IDEALS: How US Immigration Policy Failed Afghan TranslatorsNevins, Talya
16-Aug-2018Pequeños Belénes: The Making of a Palestinian Diaspora in ChileRosenberg-Carlson, Marissa
16-Aug-2018Beyond Vulnerability: Power, Place and Humanitarianism Amongst the Afghan Refugee Women of Diavata CampMirzada, Ariana
16-Aug-2018Black Intellectuals Abroad: How Claude McKay & James Baldwin Found Refuge in the Middle East and North AfricaAmjad, Robia
16-Aug-2018Portuguese Administration in Muscat from 1507 to 1538Bass, Avichai
16-Aug-2018From Zaydi Revival to the Gates of Power: The Huthi Movement of YemenJonsson, Nick
16-Aug-2018Widespread Literacy in Tuareg and Mangyan Indigenous Communities: The Roles of Writing, Pedagogy, and Institutional InterventionsTyler, Katie
16-Aug-2018Bukhara in Construction: Building the Past and Future in Early Soviet BukharaJones, Emma Claire
16-Aug-2018Messiahs in Memory, Prophets in Poetry: Resituating the Roshaniyya Movement in the Sixteenth-Century Millenarian MilieuRotblat, Jeremy
16-Aug-2018Crossing Red Lines: Obama's Foreign Policy in IranJohnson, Kristen
3-May-2017Why Can’t Palestine Bridge the Digital Divide? The Role of the Israeli Occupation, Palestinian Governance, and Foreign Aid PoliciesVogel, Justin
1-May-2017Backwards Women: Disrupting Narratives of Progress through FolkloreMubarak, Zeena
27-Apr-2017Keeping Aphrodite’s Island: The Evolution of British Counter-Insurgency during the Cyprus Revolt of 1955-1959Lim, Preston Jordan
1-May-2017Forging Our Narrative: Toward a New Vision of Counter-TerrorismMadorsky, Natasha
3-May-2017An Uphill Battle: Challenging Assumptions About Military Service and the Integration of Minority Groups in IsraelEverett, Hannelora
27-Apr-2017Internet Fatwas and Cyber Shaykhs: The Effects of Internet Islam on Notions of Scholarly Authority in MoroccoCatanzaro, Alice
17-Apr-2017The Federated Khanate: Development of Baloch Sub-Nationalist Conflict in Pakistan 1947-1958Aslam, Hammad
16-Jun-2016Strategic Ambiguity: The PLO and Political Violence in the Intifada Period (1987-2005)Zucker, Jacob M.
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 286