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Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000-2019

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jul-2019Using Machine Learning to Predict Renewable Energy Generation and Smart Grid DesignsChu, Chris
24-Jul-2019A Coarse-grained Approach to Simulating Smectite Clay Particles and Broader Implications in Historical PreservationLussier, Bobby
24-Jul-2019Using spatial graphic statics method to find funicular forms for curved-deck arch bridgesCoe-Scharff, Rachel
24-Jul-2019A Parametric Study on the Seismic Efficacy of Traditional Japanese Timber PagodasWesley, Nyema
24-Jul-2019Flexible Apartments Built Off Site: A New Alternative for Affordable HousingSawyer, Mikaela
24-Jul-2019Keeping the Lights On: Renewable Energy Solutions for Post Disaster ReliefRyan, Christopher
24-Jul-2019Sea Level Rise Affecting Coastal Structures in Naval Station NorfolkRhodes, Olivia
24-Jul-2019Renewable Energy Solutions for Rural Healthcare Facilities: A Look at the Energy-Health Nexus in Southeastern NigeriaNwachukwu, Chidinma
24-Jul-2019Modeling the Hydrologic Balance of Epiphytes: Towards an Improvement of Evapotranspiration Estimates in RainforestsMiller, Greta
24-Jul-2019Ecosystem Engineers on Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau: Analyzing the Effects of Large Megafauna on the Ecohydrology of a Semi-arid Kenyan Savanna LandscapeMihan, Noah
17-Jul-2019Impact of Wildfire Emissions: Ozone Precursors and their Contribution to Ambient PollutionMcCallister, Maggie
17-Jul-2019Alkali-Activated Metakaolin: Mechanical Properties and the Effects of Calcium HydroxideMarinacci, Kimiko
17-Jul-2019Wastewater Treatment Facility at Princeton UniversityLund, Karlie
17-Jul-2019A Smart Socket System for Pro-Environmental Behavior ChangeLin, Amber
17-Jul-2019Creating Value from Desalination Waste: Magnesium Recovery from Desalination Brine by Cation ExchangeKlosowicz, Annie
17-Jul-2019The Future of Electricity Generation and Distribution in Sub-Saharan AfricaKimojino, Joyce
17-Jul-2019Crystallinity of Sodium silicate-activated Slag cured under electric field at ambient temperatureJumakuliyeva, Solmaz
17-Jul-2019Experimental determination of precipitation and permeability changes in granite fractures with implications for CO2-driven enhanced geothermal systemsHogan, Daniel
17-Jul-2019Automated Image-Based Crack Detection in Masonry Structures: A Novel Application of Convolutional Neural NetworksHallee, Mitchell
17-Jul-2019Slaked Lime and Fly Ash Cement Mix for Application in Marine EnvironmentsEndale, Hanna
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 390