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Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2018Development of Workflows for Preservation Engineering: A Case Study of the Morris Island LighthouseBlyth, Anna
14-Aug-2018Effects of Graphene Oxide on the Stability of Metal-Halide Perovskite Thin FilmsHuynh, Hang
14-Aug-2018Playing Host: A Sustainability Analysis of Urban Planning Strategies in Summer Olympic Host CitiesBowling, Brendan
14-Aug-2018Two Waste Streams, One Solution: Reclaiming Concrete Aggregate and Treating Acid Mine Drainage through a Synergistic Recycling ProcessConlan, Lindsey
14-Aug-2018Probabilistic Hurricane Storm Surge Risk Analysis in Tampa, FLAgada, Ojima
14-Aug-2018The Effect of Cations on Perfluorobutane Sulfonate-Montmorillonite InteractionWatt, Lydia
14-Aug-2018Storm Surge, Zoning Law, and Environmental Policy: Protecting New Orleans and HoustonKalvaria, Charles
14-Aug-2018Seismic Chimneys: Potential for Leakage from Snøhvit’s Carbon Dioxide Storage FormationWebber, Marissa
14-Aug-2018Duomo di Milano: Evaluating a City and its CathedralWojton, Katherine
14-Aug-2018Integrated Wave and Offshore Wind Energy: Benefits and ChallengesGideon, Roan
14-Aug-2018Determining the Viability of West African Hydro Plant Locations through the Application of Knowledge GradientsMmegwa, Nezim
14-Aug-2018Jinkieng Jri: An Engineering Documentation, Translation, and Optimization Analysis of Meghalaya's Living Root BridgesKennedy, Katie
14-Aug-2018Feasibility and Environmental Implications of Urine Utilization Technologies in the Developing WorldBrizo, Ailyn
14-Aug-2018The City in the Lagoon: How Makoko Builds an Alternative Form of Flood ResilienceDi Caprio, Francesco
14-Aug-2018Urban Village: Evaluating an Alternative Future for China's CitiesJiang, Felicia
13-Aug-2018The Way to Modernity: Itineraries of KinshasaDeGiulio, Zachariah
17-Apr-2017Illuminating Water and Nutrient Uptake in Plants with Neutron Radiography: Comparing Deuterium Oxide and Gadolinium TracersJacobson, Sylvia
17-Apr-2017Modeling the effect of air pollution on hospitalizations in Sao Paulo City (2000-2010)Chen, Emily
17-Apr-2017Spatial Optimization of Concentrating Solar Power Productivity in China: A Statistical and Modeling ApproachBi, Alex
17-Apr-2017Optimizing Light Dispersion in a Microalgae Culture to Improve Growth for Environmental and Energy ApplicationsBerven, Alistair
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 369