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Electrical Engineering, 1932-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2018DPSelect: A Differential Privacy Based Guard Relay Selection Algorithm for TorHanley, Hans
20-Aug-2018Monitoring Mental Health with a Multimodal Sensor System and Low-power Specialized HardwareKodali, Sreela
20-Aug-2018100 Pixel 2.8 THz CMOS Camera: Analog Circuitry DesignSmith, TJ
20-Aug-2018100-Pixel CMOS Camera for 2.8 THz WavesStanley, Daniel
20-Aug-2018IoT Mask: Analyzing and Obfuscating Traffic Rates for Internet of Things DevicesMiller, Samuel
20-Aug-2018An Automated Chemical Labratory -- Chemistry with CodeSchultheis, Grant
20-Aug-2018Many-Sensor Visual-Inertial Odometry in Constrained SystemsRodriguez, Raoul
20-Aug-2018Crystallization of Organic Materials and its Effect on Device PerformanceShayegan, Komron
20-Aug-2018Enhancing Robustness of Classifiers Against Adversarial ExamplesSitawarin, Bink
20-Aug-2018CDNs and Privacy Threats: A Measurement StudyLevy, Akash
20-Aug-2018The Flight of the Honeybees: Using A Multi-Agent Distributed Control Model to Investigate Visual Data DisplayInglessis, Sofi
20-Aug-2018Autonomous Quadcopter Teams in Search and Rescue ApplicationsPo, Vincent
20-Aug-2018Deconstructing Mozart: A GAN-Style Approach to Raw Audio Processing and GenerationKim, DG
20-Aug-2018Expansion and Virtualization of the Photonic Neural Network: building the framework for the futureSpruill, Daniel
20-Aug-2018Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Cloud Lidar Data for Autonomous VehiclesThuremella, Divya
20-Aug-2018Modeling Jazz Music: A Computational Approach to Jazz Improvisation, Solo Form, and CompositionWaldrop, Duncan
20-Aug-2018La Llorona: Using Technology to Create MeaningMaccoby, Josh
20-Aug-2018Developing a thin-film multielectrode array system for neuron sensing in three-dimensionsKolstad, Anna
20-Aug-2018Making a Better Opponent: Machine Learning for Video GamesMcFadden, Kraig
20-Aug-2018Simulation and Performance Analysis of the MemGlue ProtocolMo, Vivian
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1368