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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Rationality, Bias, and Mind: Essays on Epistemology and Cognitive ScienceKarlan, Brett
2020The Theory of Every Thing: Toward a Symmetry-Based Metaphysics of MatterSchroeren, David
2019Refutation, Deduction and The Demarcation of Philosophy from SophistryCampbell, Ian
2019Relational PossibilityBerntson, Daniel Glenn
2019Between Virtue & Temptation: Self-Control, Action, & Practical Thought in Aristotle's EthicsGibson, Christopher-Marcus
2018Justice and Prospering: Ancient Debates, Disagreements, and DilemmasAnderson, Merrick E.
2018Property Dualism as a Solution to the Mind-Body ProblemO'Rourke, Joshua
2018The Hard Problem of Consonance and Its Influence on 17th Century PhilosophyRomagni, Domenica
2018Illustrations of a Realist Methodology for the Philosophy of MathematicsMartin, James V
2018Practical Wisdom & Meta-Normative Reflection: Essays on Moral and Legal NormativityAtiq, Emad
2018The Will to Truth and the Will to Believe: Friedrich Nietzsche and William James Against ScientismCristy, Rachel
2018Empathic Concern, Moral Epistemology, and Moral ProgressLerner, Adam Jared
2018Semblance and Authenticity: Nietzsche on the Use and Misuse of IllusionStoll, Timothy A.
2018How to be an Ethical Non-CognitivistHubble, Eric
2018Reduction and Images of RealityTabris, Nathaniel Ariel
2017New Work on the Old World OrderNichols, Cory
2017Ethical Issues In Genetic TestingKilbride, Madison Korinne
2017On the Structure and Equivalence of TheoriesBarrett, Thomas William
2017Categories We (Aim to) Live ByDembroff, Robin
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 69