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Plasma Science & Technology

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Exploration of the parameter space of quasisymmetric stellarator vacuum fields through adjoint optimisationNies, Richard; Paul, Elizabeth J.; Panici, Dario; Hudson, Stuart R.; Bhattacharjee, Amitava
2023Measurement and reduction of Ar metastable densities by nitrogen admixing in electron beam generated plasmasYatom, Shurik; Chopra, Nirbhav; Kondeti, Santosh; Petrova, Tzevetelina; Raitses, Yevgeny; Boris, David; Johnson, Michael; Walton, Scott
17-Oct-2022Examination of OH and H2O2 production by uniform and non-uniform modes of dielectric barrier discharge in He/air mixtureYatom, Shurik; Dobrynin, Danil
2023Laboratory study of the failed torus mechanism in arched, line-tied, magnetic flux ropesAlt, Andrew; Ji, Hantao; Yoo, Jongsoo; Bose, Sayak; Goodman, Aaron; Yamada, Masaaki
2022Data for "The value of fusion energy to a decarbonized United States electric grid"Schwartz, Jacob A.; Ricks, Wilson; Kolemen, Egemen; Jenkins, Jesse D.
2022Feasibility study of a high spatial and time resolution beam emission spectroscopy diagnostic for localized density fluctuation measurements in Lithium Tokamak eXperiment-β (LTX-β)Banerjee, Santanu; Boyle, Dennis; Maan, Anurag; Majeski, Richard; Kaita, Robert; Smith, David; von Hellermann, Manfred; Hansen, Christopher; Capechhi, William; Elliott, Drew
Sep-2022Source data for "Observation of Axisymmetric Standard Magnetorotational Instability in the Laboratory"Wang, Yin; Gilson, Erik; Ebrahimi, Fatima; Goodman, Jeremy; Ji, Hantao
2022Streaked Sub-ps-resolution X-ray Line Shapes and Implications for Solid-density Plasma DynamicsKraus, B. Frances; Gao, Lan; Hill, K. W.; Bitter, M.; Efthimion, P. C.; Hollinger, R.; Wang, Shoujun; Song, Huanyu; Nedbailo, R.; Rocca, J. J.; Mancini, R. C.; MacDonald, M. J.; Beatty, C. B.; Shepherd, R.
2022Identification of a non-axisymmetric mode in laboratory experiments searching for standard magnetorotational instabilityWang, Yin; Gilson, Erik P.; Ebrahimi, Fatima; Goodman, Jeremy; Caspary, Kyle J.; Winarto, Himawan W.; Ji, Hantao
2022Electron heating in 2-D: combining Fermi-Ulam acceleration and magnetic-moment non-adiabaticity in a mirror-configuration plasmaSwanson, Charles; Galea, Christopher
2021Plasma Facing Components with Capillary Porous System and Liquid Metal Coolant FlowKhodak, Andrei; Maingi, Rajesh
6-Jun-2022Study of Stark Broadening of Krypton Helium-beta Lines and Estimation of Electron Density and Temperature in NIF Compressed CapsulesHill, K. W.; Gao, L.; Kraus, B. F.; Bitter, M.; Efthimion, P. C.; Pablant, N. A.; Schneider, M. B.; Thorn, D. B.; Chen, H.; Kauffman, R. L.; Liedahl, D. A.; MacDonald, M. J.; MacPhee, A. G.; Scott, H. A.; Stoupin, S.; Doron, R.; Stambulchik, E.; Maron, Y.; Lahmann, B.
2022Interpreting ion-energy distributions using charge exchange emitted from deeply kinetic field-reversed-configuration plasmasGlasser, Alan; Cohen, Samuel
Apr-2022To dee or not to dee: costs and benefits of altering the triangularity of a steady-state DEMO-like reactorSchwartz, Jacob A.; Nelson, A. O.; Kolemen, Egemen
Dec-2021Coupling between Alfven wave and Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in the low latitude boundary layerKim, Eun-Hwa; Johnson, Jay; Nykyri, Katariina
2021Effects of Coulomb collisions on lower hybrid drift waves inside a laboratory reconnection current sheetYoo, Jongsoo; Hu, Yibo; Ji, Jeong-Young; Ji, Hantao; Yamada, Masaaki; Goodman, Aaron; Bergstedt, Kendra; Alt, Andrew
16-Mar-2021Probe measurements of electric field and electron density fluctuations at megahertz frequencies using in-shaft miniature circuitsYibo, Hu; Yoo, Jongsoo; Ji, Hantao; Goodman, Aaron; Wu, Xuemei
29-Oct-2020Lower Hybrid Drift Waves During Guide Field ReconnectionYoo, Jongsoo; Jeong-Young, Ji; M. V., Ambat; Shan, Wang; Hantao, Ji; Jenson, Lo; Bowen, Li; Yang, Ren; J., Jara-Almonte; William, Fox; Masaaki, Yamada; Andrew, Alt; Aaron, Goodman
7-Jul-2021A thermodynamic phase transition in magnetic reconnectionJara-Almonte, Jonathan; Hantao, Ji
2021Multi-Fluid and Kinetic Models of Partially Ionized Magnetic ReconnectionJara-Almonte, J.; Murphy, N.A.; Ji, H.
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42